Sunday, June 3, 2007

New Review: JERR

We just got an awesome review for Master of Obsidian from Just Erotic Romance Reviews .
I think my favorite quote from the review is "It is crazy how much I like this story."

Author: Suni Farrar
Rating: Five Stars
Heat Level: O

The many years Gideon spent as a vampire taught him to treasure his friends. They were never around for long. That is why he never acted on the attraction between him and Jesse. Unfortunately, exposure to an unknown narcotic relaxed his defenses and he makes all of Jesse’s dreams come true. A day did not go by that Jesse did not dream about a physical relationship between himself and Gideon. Imagine his joy when a drug allows him to touch Gideon. Then fear consumes him over what the drug could do every other human on the planet.

Master of Obsidian is not a novel for those looking to partake in a dreamy love story with vanilla sex. This dark-erotic tale is just the opposite. The characters indulge in every sexual act known to man and vampire. It is my guess that when you have been around for hundreds of years you require something extra during sex. This seemed to be true for Gideon. He relishes his partner’s submission and tests it on many occasions. Jesse is always up for whatever Gideon has in mind. Loosing blood is nothing compared to what he gains. It is crazy how much I like this story. The blood letting alone should repulse me, but here I am singing the novel’s praises. The sex is amazingly erotic. My attachment to the characters came easily. I believe their coming together is destiny. As for the plot, it could not be more dramatic. Can you imagine a city full of messed up vampires? The supporting cast is wickedly entertaining. I am not (sic) dying to know what happens to them in the future, yet their actions in Master of Obsidian make the pages turn faster. It is definitely a keeper. Matter of fact, I believe I will read it again.

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