Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Slight delay on Craving Kismet

Overall, I've been very, very lucky, playing the publishing game. And Vivien and I have been very lucky together. We've sold all the books we've submitted, we've been very agreeable over edits, and since we pretty much share a brain, we can usually find common ground when the occasional disagreement pops up. Since we each write different characters (and I might detail our actual writing process later), it is very, very possible for the two of us to conceptualize a story in drastically different ways. Considering the fact that the writing and publishing process is rife with trouble and land mines, it's a wonder we haven't hit some sort of snag before now! Well, we had a slight delay with Unclose Me because our editor went on her honeymoon and there was a minor miscommunication, but we never had a firm publishing date...

We did have a firm release date for Craving Kismet. August 7, 2007. I don't remember exactly when we wrote Craving Kismet. It must have been in August or September, because we submitted it to our editor at Samhain in October. The point is, we've had a long wait and a long journey to release with Craving Kismet. Now our editor has decided to move on from Samhain, and our book has been reassigned!

I don't know why our former editor is leaving Samhain, but I wish her well in her future endeavors. And I'm also glad we've been reassigned to Sasha Knight. She worked with us on Liaisons in Jubilee, and I really like her.

But this is just a very long-winded way of saying Craving Kismet will be released sometime in September.

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