Monday, August 20, 2007

New Release: Brindisi Bedfellows

Getting dumped is never fun.

Getting dumped by your boyfriend on the eve of your first vacation in six years because he decides to reconcile with his ex-wife is agony.

Heartbroken Christian Davis is drowning his sorrows when his ex-lover�s best friend swoops in and throws his world into chaos. Trip Watson is gorgeous and gregarious and everything Chris doesn�t need right now. But none of that seems to matter when Trip finds out what Andrew did to him. Appalled by Andrew�s callous treatment, Trip announces the best way to get over the break-up � and to rub Andrew�s face in it � is to go to Italy as planned and spend the next three weeks having the time of his life. With Trip.

Mutual lust drives them together. Andrew could very well push them apart. Especially if the truth about Trip�s relationship with him ever comes to light.

Content: Contains graphic m/m interaction, including oral and anal sex, public sex, and a gratuitous one-night stand.

Brindisi Bedfellows is officially released! Please visit Liquid Silver Books to purchase your own copy.

To mark this special occasion, I come bearing gifts. First, we have posted a special, free bonus scene on our webpage. Second, we have a lovely 900 x 675 wallpaper, and a smaller 640 x 480 version. Finally, here is an exclusive excerpt, not available anywhere else.

“Think I might've drunk too much.” He stretched a hand out to caress Christian's thigh, but instead of the firm massage Chris expected, his hand just rested heavily, almost like Trip had forgotten it was there. “Have I mentioned tonight what a bloody fool Andrew was?”

Christian looked down at Trip's hand, noting absently that he wanted to lick his finger. “No.” Chris had somehow managed not to think about Andrew the entire time they were out. Dancing with Trip helped, and so did flirting with Italian boys. “But a reminder doesn't hurt.”

“Andrew's a bloody fool.” He paused, a slow frown furrowing his brow. “He doesn't know we're here, does he? We should ring him. Tell him what he's missing out on.”

Christian blanched at the idea. He certainly didn’t want to talk to Andrew now. The thought hurt too much. And he was trying to be strong. He knew without a doubt that when he heard Andrew’s voice, he would forget about having fun, forget about Trip’s amazing mouth, forget about Giovanni’s obvious interest. He’d forget about everything except the fact that he was facing an entire lifetime without the person he thought he could spend the rest of his life with.

“No. No, let’s not ring him tonight. We’ll let him know what he’s missing out on in a few days.”

Trip made a face like Christian had just said the most brilliant thing in the world. "Make him stew, got it. That way, when he breaks and tracks us down, wondering where in the hell we are, we'll be brown as nuts and sore as all fuck from all the gorgeous shagging we're going to do."

At this point, it really shouldn’t have been possible for Trip to make his ears turn red, but he did. It wasn’t that Christian hadn’t considered shagging Trip. He had. In great detail. After their meeting in the bathroom, there wasn’t much else to do on the plane. But he had never met anybody who talked the way Trip did, as though he was daring the world to have a problem with it.

“Do you think he’ll ring us? Or will he be too worried about Lexie to even notice we’re both gone?”

“Oh, he’ll do it.” How Trip could sound so confident, Chris had no idea. But if anybody knew how Andrew would act, it had to be Trip. “Sooner or later, Lexie will let go of his balls long enough for him to pick up a phone.”

In a way, Trip’s certainty that Andrew would call them made sense. Andrew was always very troubled at the thought of people having a good time without him. In fact, he had been annoyed more than once by Trip leaving town on some shoot, with some model. Annoyed enough that Chris had to hear about it. Every time.

“Well, I won’t be able to talk to him when he does. Unless you plan to shag me so thoroughly, I don’t care what he says anymore.”

Now Trip’s hand was moving, drawing lazy circles that grew ever closer to Christian’s cock. “My reputation must be slipping,” he said with a sly smirk. “If you don’t already know that’s what’ll happen, it looks like I’ll have to work a little harder.”

He leaned in as if to kiss Chris, but a sharp turn around a corner pitched him sideways so that his head came to rest on Christian’s shoulder. Chris waited for him to lift it up and finish what he started, but Trip seemed content to stay there, his eyes falling shut.

Christian tentatively touched Trip’s face, his fingers lingering on the smooth part of his cheek, just above his stubble. Trip smiled slightly, moving his face against Christian’s fingers. He was seized by the desire to scrape his lips across his cheek, testing the texture of his skin and of his stubble, tasting the sweat and the alcohol, moving lower to his mouth. Before Christian gave in to this impulse, he was thrown forward against the passenger seat as the cab came to an abrupt halt.

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