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Happy New Release Day!---"Mosaic Moon"

Today marks the release of the third book in "The Master Chronicles," Mosaic Moon. It's a very exciting day. I've been looking forward to this release for a long time. To give a general update on the series, we have edited book 4 Seduction in Black and White, and will be editing book 5, At the Advent of Dusk very soon. We're currently writing book 6, Chaos and Communion, and last night, we spent most of our free time plotting book 9 (as yet untitled)! So, if you're enjoying the series, there's a lot more yet to come. If you haven't started the series, now is a good time. If you aren't enjoying the series, what's wrong? These are awesome books!

Emma Coolidge is accustomed to isolation. Born with the ability to read emotions, Emma reached adulthood without learning how to control her special gift, leading to a life of self-imposed seclusion. Until she meets Gideon Keel and Jesse Madding, a vampire fighting for good and his human lover. Both men befriend her and introduce her to people who can help her create a normal life for herself. Everything is great for Emma for the first time in her life—except for one small problem. She longs to be part of Jesse and Gideon’s lives, and their darker games involving bondage and sadism, but believes her desire can be nothing but a private fantasy.

Gideon adores Jesse and wants nothing more than to give him everything he wants. When Gideon realizes Jesse wants Emma, as well, he decides to invite Emma into their games. But a disturbing new crime distracts Gideon from his goal. Jesse and Gideon are forced to investigate a string of grave desecrations that are somehow siphoning power from the most powerful mage in Chicago. They must unravel the mystery of who is stealing Black John’s power, why, and how to reverse it before they can devote their time and energy to their mutual desire for a third in their bed.

And here's an excerpt, not on our website.

“Were you able to catch Emma at the Institute?”

Jesse smiled. “Yes. It was good. I wanted to drag her home with me. I don’t think she would have protested much. But I think she likes her job, so I did the noble thing.”

“And came back to the ex. I hope that teaches you a lesson. Never walk away from a nooner.”

“Walk? I limped away from a nooner.”

“Even more reason to have pinned her to her desk.”

“She actually had me pinned to the floor. And the things she was saying didn’t help. She asked if we could use the play room next time.”

The corner of Gideon’s mouth lifted. “You better have told her, hell yeah.”

Jesse opened his mouth to answer in the affirmative, but he paused, realizing that he never gave Emma an answer. Then he remembered why. And everything that happened between his arrival at the office and that moment was forgotten.

“No, I didn’t. I mean, I would have, but she…what she wanted to do didn’t quite work.”

A slight frown furrowed Gideon’s brow. “She knows what’s in there,” he said. “I showed her everything. And if there’s something she wants I don’t have…” He stopped and shook his head. “There’s nothing I don’t have.”

“Oh, no, it wasn’t that. She wanted us to use the leash on her. It sounded like she wanted to be bound by more than the collar, but I don’t know if she meant with the ropes, chains, cuffs, bars…I don’t think she knows either. She also said she wants us to do anything we want to her, which sounds great in theory, but I don’t think she means that. And I don’t think she knows she doesn’t mean it. And then she wanted to watch while we…she wanted to watch while I fucked you.”

“So…you’re waiting for her to come up with something a little more concrete on what she wants us to do to her?”


“You want Emma to be a little more definitive about what she wants,” Gideon clarified. “That’s why her plan doesn’t work.”

“Yes, she needs something more concrete,” Jesse said slowly. “Did you hear the rest of what I said?”

“She wants to watch. So? I watch you all the time.”

Jesse stared at Gideon for several seconds, trying to read his face. Which was as open and calm as his voice. “It’s not that she wants to watch. I have no problem with her, or anybody really, watching. It’s what she wants to see us doing.”

This time, Gideon actually seemed to weigh his words. “Oh,” he finally said. “You don’t want to. Okay, I get it now. So no big deal. Just tell her that.”

“No,” Jesse said quickly. “I want to.” He stopped and frowned, surprised by his declaration. “I didn’t think…I never thought that you’d want to.”

“Because I’ve never let you put anything in my ass before?” His snort turned into a chuckle, and he rubbed his eyes as he rolled onto his back again. “Just because we’ve never done something, Jess, doesn’t mean I’ve never done it at all. You live a few centuries, you end up trying everything at least once. And sometimes, more than that.”

“I didn’t assume that you’ve never been fucked,” Jesse said defensively. “You never once gave me any indication that you would enjoy being fucked by me.”

“To be fair, you never gave any indication that you were interested in doing it.”

Jesse sighed and rolled onto his back. They lay side by side, their elbows and thighs touching. “It didn’t seem like I should. Be interested.”

The silence that fell between them lasted long enough for Jesse to wonder if Gideon had fallen back asleep. Then came a soft sigh, and hard fingertips began to stroke Jesse’s leg.

“I don’t want you to ever hold back if there’s something you want,” Gideon murmured. “You can’t spend all your time trying to secondguess me. Or anybody else. You lost six months with Emma because of that. And if you really want this, I don’t want you to lose this, too.”

“I don’t know why I didn’t see that coming,” Jesse said softly. “Since you’ve given me everything else I’ve ever wanted.”

“All part of your continuing charm.” Reaching across Jesse’s body, Gideon grasped his other hand to force him to roll into Gideon’s side, slipping his arm beneath Jesse’s shoulders to hold him close. “For whatever reason, you never expect anything but the worst. It makes it fun for me to surprise you with the best, then.”

“I don’t always expect the worst,” Jesse said, his arm draping over Gideon’s stomach. “You should go back to sleep. There’s still a few hours to dusk.”

“You do,” Gideon argued, but already, his eyes were closed. “But that’s okay. I love you anyway.”

Jesse didn’t need the reminder, but it warmed him anyway. He wasn’t tired himself, but he had no intention of moving from Gideon’s embrace. Instead, he let his mind drift to Emma’s fantasy, and mused on how soon they could make it a reality.

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