Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Free Story!!! --Jesse's Punishment

One of the reasons the entire series got launched was because we really wanted to play with a dangerous, dominant vampire. When we realized barely a couple chapters into writing Master just how much we loved these characters and how much potential there was, we started talking about the arc of the series. Planning it out took very little time. The only drawback was that our plans didn't include some of the danger we'd fallen in love with. Later books match Master - just wait until you see book 8 - but there are varying levels of that in other books. So we decided to write something to feed that need.

This is the first of two parts of a rather hard BDSM scene between Gideon and Jesse. It takes place not too long after Master of Obsidian is over, and has Gideon punishing Jesse. It's most definitely rated NC17, and contains punishment, paddling, bloodplay, and bondage.

If you're over 17, and you're into that sort of thing, follow the link!

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