Friday, January 11, 2008

Flashback Fridays--The Zebra Wore Fishnets

A long time ago, I was reading a thread on one of my many message boards. They were talking about threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes. At some point, for a reason I can't remember, somebody said "And the zebra wore fishnets." That cracked me up. I don't know. Maybe I was reading the thread late at night. Either way, I thought to myself "Oh my god! That needs to be a menage story!" So, I wrote a very quick and dirty little story about hot, hot sex and called it good.

Months later, I thought, "Wow, that could be a longer story. Because it's hot."

And then the novel was born.

It was the second book I submitted to Liquid Silver Books, and I believe it is still my best-selling Pepper Espinoza title. Well, no, Surrender's Edge might have outsold it at this point.

Here's the blurb:

Belle Sterling loves to spy on her very sexy neighbors, Aden and Kevin, but she doesn't dare approach them to introduce herself.

Until one night when they not only give her an erotic show, they hold a simple note against the window--"Come Over--#19." She does, and she has the night of her life.

It soon becomes apparent to her that she's interested in a lot more than casual sex--but the two men have been in a relationship with each other for over a decade. Can they make room for her in their lives?

That question becomes even more pressing when Kevin and Aden are forced to choose between professional advancement and Belle's best interests. They all must decide if what they share is merely searing sexual passion--or something far deeper.

And a short excerpt for your reading pleasure:

Belle was half-listening to the Daily Show when she noticed the light turn on across the alley. She turned to watch them, her vision blurry. She thought she saw Blonde and Lean wave at her. She blinked and did a double take. He was standing by the window, smiling. Waving at her. She stood up and wrapped the blanket around herself, embarrassed at having been caught. How long had she been gawking at them without moving?

Blonde and Lean turned his head and said something to Tall and Handsome, who then joined him at the window. Belle was frozen to the spot, but her head was clearing fast. First, she needed to run to her room. Then she needed to change into something flannel, long and modest. She imagined them calling the police--she probably would if some drunk, half-naked, pervert were leering at her in the privacy of her own home. When the police came, she would have to look respectable and innocent. Before she could move, Tall and Handsome waved at her too, wiggling his fingers. Blonde and Lean pointed at her, and then beckoned for her. Did he just really do that?

Belle's eyes widened as he ran his finger gently down Tall and Dark's arm--caressing him. Dark and Handsome wore black, silk briefs. Belle could see him outlined clearly, could see the way his cock jumped as Blonde and Lean's hand moved lower and lower. I’m drunk. I’m hallucinating. I should probably call 911 because I have extreme alcohol poisoning and it’s destroying my brain.

She should look away. She should close the curtains and go to bed. But then, if it really was some wonderful hallucination, she should probably enjoy it while she could. She’d hallucinated before. They were never this pleasant.

She thought she would die when Lean and Blonde pressed his lips against Dark and Handsome's shoulder then bit it while his hand covered Handsome's chest. Handsome looked at her and lifted an eyebrow. She had no idea what the hell was going on. What are they doing? What are they doing?

With nerveless fingers she reached for the phone and dialed Willow's number without looking at the pad. This had to be documented, put on record. Either the best hallucination ever or a miracle on par with changing water into wine. Either way, she needed a witness. In a daze, she raised it to her ear and watched as Blonde and Lean's hand brushed over Handsome’s chest, then over his hip. Blondie’s fingers paused at the waistband. Belle’s mouth ran dry.

"Hello?" Willow said. It took several seconds for Belle to find her voice.

"They're standing in front of the window, and I think they're going to have sex." No doubt, they both wanted to have sex. Their cocks were hard and almost bursting through their briefs.

"Um, are you watching?"

"I think they're...I think they want me to." What else was she supposed to think? They were both staring at her with intense eyes.

"They want you to watch? What are they doing?"

"Um..." Belle nearly whimpered. "The Blonde is licking the Brunette's chest. Oh my god, he's licking his chest and around the nipple…now he's stopping... and...Looking at me again. He's like...smiling at me. They're both smiling at me and...Oh Willow."

"What? What?"

"He's..." Belle caught her breath. "He put his hand down Handsome's shorts and he's stroking him...really, really slowly. And he's...waving me over with his other hand. Willow, are we awake?" She cradled the phone against her shoulder and pinched her arm. Definite pain there. And definite pain between her legs. Her clit throbbed and her pussy ached. All the blood rushed south, leaving her light-headed and tipsy.

"I'm definitely awake, which means you're awake, and why are you still talking to me?"

"Holy fuck, what is he doing with his tongue?" Belle asked.

"I don't know...go over and find out.” Sure, Willow made it sound so easy.

Belle walked slowly over to the window and breathed heavily against the glass. She had to pause and wipe the fog away. Blonde and Lean's hand moved faster beneath the black silk, and though she couldn't see anything, it was still enough to make her panties moist and her knees weak. They weren't looking at her anymore, their attention focused on each other. Handsome ran his hands down Blondie's back, and pushed Blondie's sweats down and revealed his smooth, perfect ass.

Handsome slid his finger between Blondie's cheeks, and she could easily see him shudder in response, his wrist working faster as he knelt in front of Handsome. Belle dropped the phone heedlessly and slipped her hand down her stomach, then between her thighs. She watched as Blondie teased Handsome’s thighs with his mouth, sucking and biting. He moved his head closer and closer to Handsome's cock, and slowly started to pull the briefs down.

More information can be found here.

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Cathy said...

The plot sounded so familiar, I went and checked my handy dandy book list, and yep, I read this one. And it even has a star next to it, which means it was a winner.