Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Inspirations - Sexy cowboys

Since this week's release is a cowboy love story, we've decided to dedicate this week's Inspirations post to the cowboys we've written and adored. First up is our inspiration for our steady and strong hero in Fortune's Honor, Clay Putnam.

We had actually named our character first, believe it or not, and we were having a hard time agreeing on what we wanted him to look like. I think I suggested a different country singer, and Pepper came back with Clay Walker. Well, one look, and I was hooked. The only difference is, our Clay has green eyes.

Fortune's Honor was the result of our second plot bunny for the cowboy pax, however. The first one quickly grew out of control. When we reached 11k and realized we hadn't even hit the main drive of the story yet, we knew there was no way it was going to be less than 40k. This needed to be a full-length novel. Unfortunately, it's still one of the WIPs we have languishing on our computers. Not that we're happy about it. Spencer, our bullrider, and Rebecca, our spunky heroine, still make us smile when we think about them, and one of these days, we will finish their story. In the interim, this is the guy we envision when we think of Spence; isn't he yummy?

Our third and final inspiration for our cowboy week is our hunky Teo Mendez from our current WIP. Teo is a single father, solid and dependable. He's a little bit older than this guy, and something tells me he's taller, too. But the body is mostly the same, which makes Ryan, his love interest, very happy.


Cathy said...

Gorgeous pics, I can see how they would make for some great inspiration.

Caffey said...

I'm in love :D
Gosh, cowboys are so sexy and I have those pictures in my mind when I read their stories! This pax and yours sounds soooo good! Thanks for the awesome pics! I shall come back and visit them often!