Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekly roundup

This has been a very quiet week for us, though not unproductive. No new releases, no new reviews, no new covers, but Pepper and I have been busy with editing and galleys. We finished the first round of edits for A Hidden Beauty and received galleys for Liaisons in Jubilee (which will be coming out in a print anthology in May, woo hoo!), At the Advent of Dusk (the prequel to Master of Obsidian, about Gideon meeting Mary), and I got the galleys for my upcoming vampire novella coming out as part of the same vampire pax as the prequel, Ruby Red Rebels.

On the writing front, we finished Fortune's Return, a 72k gay erotic romance, which I got cleaned up and submitted to Liquid Silver Books yesterday. Fingers crossed they want it! We also started our April Calendar Boy story, though Saturday spent going through A Hidden Beauty edits and my day yesterday off the computer meant we didn't get very far yet. Not for long! Our stranded guys in their cabin need our attention and I imagine that us working on it today will make a huge dent in their story.

Oh, I almost forgot. Pepper and I are now part of a blog comprised of writing teams. It's called It Takes Two, and along with us has the teams of Stella and Audra Price, Emery Sanborne & Philippa Grey-Gerou, and Ashleigh Raine. We post over there on Fridays, but there are good things all week long. Head on over and take a look!

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Cathy said...

Thanks for the head's up on you other blog. I really enjoyed reading your entry for last week. Sex scenes without a storyline that I care about, makes for a boring read.