Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Inspirations - Bridge Over Troubled Water

Pepper is about to enter probably what is going to be 6 of the toughest weeks of her adult life. She's got so much to work on and complete in order to finish her degree. That means we're mostly only writing what we absolutely need to in order to meet deadlines, and I'm left with a lot of writing time to fill.

So currently, I'm working on my contribution to the gay song pax that comes out in July for Amber Quill. I chose "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and - surprise, surprise - it's a vampire story, lol. Well, cop/vampire story. About a cop whose college boyfriend was vamped and almost killed him, and now 10 years later, the boyfriend is back in need of refuge.

I knew the type I wanted for my vampire (whose name is Cole, by the way). And I found him looking through model portfolios:

I wanted tall, dark, and lean, with long hair. I think I found him, lol.

So to counter Cole, I knew I wanted my cop - who's named Brady - to be a muscular guy. Tough. Hard. I saw one photo of Olympic swimmer Ryk Neethling, and knew I'd found him:

He's got tons of pretty pictures at his website, too.

And in celebration of writing gay love stories, I have to share this link. It's actually a rant about slash fanfic writers, but I think it holds true to any gay romance writing. Several of the items on his list just made me giggle hysterically. Go! Enjoy!


M said...

I'd love to try an m/m written by you alone :)

And if what you said on Slash & Burn was true (yes, I stalk all blogs), I want to read it even more.

Cole is very yummy. I think you can get a tall and lean vampire; not sure about the "dark" part, no sunlight and all.

I like the swimmer, too! From this angle, he kinda looks like Gale Harold...

Vivien Dean said...

Well, I meant dark hair, lol. Cole has mixed heritage, complete with Native American blood.

Did you mean my comment about being plottier than Pepper? That's true. She is far more character-driven than I am. It's one of the reasons we work so well together; in so many ways, we complement each other's skill sets. This one has a massacre at a frat house at the core of it.

This won't be my only gay story this year. I'm signed up for two other gay paxes on my own this year - beasts of twilight and a partner-themed pax. And I have Pepper to thank for expanding my horizons. I would never have dared gay romance on my own without learning so much through our JC stuff.