Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Inspirations - Classic Actors

Pepper's film theory class has had one fantastic side effect - she's discovering a lot of the classic movies I fell in love with in college and afterward. We've spent the past couple nights talking about some of the movies she's seen, like An Awful Truth and His Girl Friday. What's so funny is to hear her exclaim how hot some of these classic actors really were. I keep having to bite my tongue to refrain from saying, "Well, I knew that. Why didn't you ask me?"

So in honor of hotness through the Hollywood ages, we present four of our favorite leading men from yesteryear...

I was a James Dean fangirl in college, after discovering him in East of Eden. It's still my favorite performance of his, and while my reasons for loving him might not be the tortured soul that attracted me in the first place, I still find myself drawn to him.

This one's for Pepper. I think Cary Grant was definitely a charming man, but Pepper's the one currently obsessed with him. There's just something about him once he gets behind a camera. Plus, the slash really writes itself in this picture, doesn't it?

No post about sexy leading men from classic Hollywood would be complete without the dark sensuality of Marlon Brando. In many ways, he changed the face of film, and not just because he brought a new style of acting to the big screen. There's an earthiness, a rawness to him that wasn't there in a more polished, genteel studio system. Plus, look at those arms. This man could hold his own and then some against any male star today.

One of the actors Pepper and I agreed on even before her film theory class - Paul Newman. The eyes, complete with twinkle. The charm. The body. There is nothing not to love about this man. To top it all off, he's still married to Joanne Woodward after over 50 years. If that doesn't scream "romance hero," I don't know what does.


M said...

I haven't watched these actors in action, but I've heard of them.

Paul Newman sounds like a real good catch. ;)
Men, especially actors, who can commit have my respect.

Cathy said...

Paul Newman has always been a hottie for me, even now, there is just something about that twinkle in his eye that just works for me. I agree about Marlon, though it's only his earlier films that do it for me, and Cary Grant was always a charmer, but didn't have that sexual zing for me.

Pepper Espinoza said...

M, you should watch "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and "The Long, Hot Summer" to get a good idea of just how smoking hot Paul Newman was back in the day. Seriously, he makes my brain melt, and all he has to do is stand there and smile a little.

It's hard to explain my attraction to Cary Grant. I guess "charming" is good. But I just *love* watching his expression throughout a scene. He's always reacting to something. And in "My Favorite Wife" (Which I watched this morning) when he needed to look uncertain and sick to his stomach, he really looked uncertain and sick to his stomach. I know, i know, that's what actors are supposed to do, but not all actors are good at "selling" me on what they're doing.