Monday, February 4, 2008

New Release: Mine

The second novella in our Calendar Boys series is Mine. I'm really glad this novella is the second in our series, because I think it's a strong contrast to Miami's Perfect Weekend and really shows what we're trying to do with this series. Unlike the first book, it's about vampires. It's dark. It's got BDSM, slaves, pets, and more. Oh yeah, and it's really hot.

Vampire Erik Haden has been tracking hunter Travis Canavan for weeks, watching him, learning his every move. On the eve before Valentine’s Day, the hunt is over.

Within the walls of BDSM club, Bound, Erik approaches Travis and makes an offer he can’t refuse. All he wants is one night with both Travis and the exotic male pet he leads around on a leash, a beautiful tattooed vampire that captivates Erik at first sight.

At least...that’s all Travis thinks he wants...

Genres: Gay / Dark Fantasy / Vampire / BDSM / Ménage (M/M/M) / Group Sex / Exhibitionism / Public Places / Series

And here's an excerpt you won't see anywhere else.

He had thought Erik was riveting at Bound, but here, under the softer illumination of his home, the vampire was even more arresting. Blond hair mussed into a deliberate windswept look, a wide brow with gray-blue eyes that bored right through you beneath it, an aquiline nose above a mouth that was downright sinful. He was powerfully built, the thin weave of his sweater highlighting rather than hiding his muscled arms and chest, and he stood as tall as Travis at six-four.

Travis's gaze swept downward. There it was. The thick cock clearly outlined in the worn jeans. If he fucked Joel without stretching him first as he'd hinted at Bound, he'd tear the pet's hole. The thought of blood dripping down the back of Joel's thighs made Travis's mouth dry.

"I half-expected you to answer with your cock buried in his throat again," Erik said with a wry smile. "I'm not sure I'd be able to resist if I were you."

"If you had been a few minutes later, that's exactly how I would have answered. Come in." He pushed the door wide and allowed Erik to enter. "It's your show tonight." He gestured to the dungeon, and then to the bedroom.

Erik stopped at the pet's side, dropping his hand to the top of Joel's head and absently stroking the dark hair. "Maybe we'll start with some discipline. I'd love to see how you got him so well-trained."

Travis nodded. There were many, many reasons to keep a vampire for a pet, but Travis's favorite was how well vampires could take punishment. They could take whatever he dished out, and were always fully healed and ready for more within a day or two.

He led the pet back into the dungeon and over to the bench Travis had designed and built himself. It had a bar in the middle for the pet to lean over, putting his ass in the air. Another bar at the front was the right height to hold his throat and head steady. The bench was made of two parallel bars, and there were chains in place to hold down the pet's legs and arms. It gave Travis perfect access to any part of the pet's body he wanted to reach.


There was just enough slack in the leash for Joel to climb into place without Travis having to move to accommodate him. The bench was adjustable, but it had been set for Joel's slighter build for months now. None of his other pets interested him enough to bother with adjusting it. Settling his ankles and wrists directly in place, Joel lowered his head in mute compliance, waiting to get chained in.

Erik slowly circled the bench. The hunger was back in the vampire's eyes, and more than once he licked his lips. He paused behind Joel and reached out to stroke a strong flank.

"I have to fuck him soon," he mused. "You two are one up on me for orgasms already."

"You should warm him up first." Travis opened a cabinet to reveal a wide array of floggers, whips, and other blunt instruments. His collection was much larger than what was represented there, but these were the items that always garnered the best response from Joel. "Nothing beats fucking him after he's been tenderized."

He turned back in time to see Erik pulling the plug out of Joel's ass, running the come-coated tip up and down the crack. Erik's intense eyes, however, were fixed on Travis, catching his attention for long seconds before raking down his body.

"And what about you?"

Tossing the plug aside, Erik prowled closer, every step slow and measured until he stood directly in front of Travis. One more foot, and he'd have Travis pinned to the open weapons. Travis wasn't completely convinced Erik wouldn't try that anyway.

"I meant what I said back at Bound. I'm paying for both of you tonight." Erik grabbed Travis's hips and pulled him flush against his own. "And as delicious as your pet looks, nothing beats a hot, human hole squeezing around my cock."

Travis knew it was a serious gamble to fuck a vampire--or let a vampire fuck him--before drugging the creature. He wouldn't be able to simply overpower this one. But he felt like he was a little drugged. Erik's body was hard, and the thought of having that thick cock buried in his ass made his blood run hot. He never let his pets fuck him, so he would be tight for Erik.

"If you fuck me first, it'll give the pet a chance to...recover from earlier."

A slow smile turned Erik's eyes feral. Travis almost expected to see fangs already.

"Eager, are we?" He leaned in closer, as if to kiss him, only to turn at the last minute and drag the tip of his tongue over Travis's cheek until his mouth reached Travis's ear. "You've been drooling over my cock since I walked up to your table. Almost as much as I've been watering at the thought of letting you have it."

Travis couldn't deny it. He palmed Erik's erection, rubbing it through the stiff jeans, and was rewarded with a soft moan in his ear.

"I think the pet isn't the only one who will scream for you."

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M said...

I was one of the first ones to see this one :)

I saw it made available Saturday evening and it went on my shopping list. Haven't read it yet though.


Cathy said...

Whoa, totally hot excerpt, and a book I will definitely want to read.