Monday, February 18, 2008

News roundup

A light week for us, but hey, it can't be all gangbusters all the time, right? ;)

We finished book 6 of The Master Chronicles last week. It's called Dominion, and we wrote it because Pepper's been chomping to write some kind of haunted house story for ages now. It's scheduled to come out from Amber Quill in June.

Hm...what else? We did a lot of editing last week. We got the final edits for our April 1 release, A Hidden Beauty, and the galleys for our release this weekend, Double Down. Pepper got her edits for one of her July releases, (Just Like) Starting Over. It always seems to come in spurts.

This week is more writing. We have a surprise we've been working on for readers that hopefully we can talk about soon. And then we'll have a Jesse/Emma novella we're going to write, as well as a whole list of other stories to get to.

There was an interesting discussion about book covers over at Juno. Considering we think Tim Lantz (who does the Juno covers) is brilliant, we found it intriguing to hear the different points of view.

And I think that's it. Hope you have a good Monday

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M said...

This "light week" actually looks very busy. And I like the sound of that surprise...