Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday's News Roundup

First, we have a lovely review for Mosaic Moon. From Ariel at RRTErotic.

MOSIAC MOON actually smokes when these three characters play together for the first time. Jesse is a beautiful, shy and sexy character with a sharp mind and who does not mind mixing pleasure with a little pain. Gideon is a bad-ass vamp who deeply loves Jesse and is willing to share him with Emma just to make him happy. Gideon is also a complete Dom in the bedroom, so just imagine what could happen if he changed roles who played the submissive just once (ok, I know that is a teaser!) Emma is a sweet treat to both men who is ready to let go of her inhibitions. She cares for Gideon but is in love with Jesse and is willing to do anything for him…even practice a little BDSM (another teaser). There is also an unexpected twist involving black magic and a grave robber that adds a level of suspense to MOSIAC MOON. Although MOSIAC MOON is a stand alone tale, it only hints at how Emma met Gideon and Jesse. Since this story was so good, so good in fact that I am going to find the first two The Master Chronicles to get up to speed. Yeah, it was that good.

And another nice review for Chasing Silver from Scooper Speaks.

It entertained me. I was interested in the relationship between Remy and Nate and I loved Remy’s dialogue. Try as they might to disbelieve Remy, Nate and his ex-partner, could not ignore her weird slang.

Second, we have a new cover for our series The Calendar Boys. It's for the month of March, Kiss Me.

Third, the best sellers for Amber Quill were posted yesterday. Fortune's Honor was #4 for their Amber Heat line, and Miami's Perfect Weekend was #2 for their Amber Allure line. :)


Cathy said...

Congrats on your great reviews and making the Amber bestseller's list.

M said...

Nice cover :)

It's great that Miami's Perfect Weekend made it to #2. But in my opinion, it should've been #1. I really enjoyed it!

Pepper Espinoza said...

Thank you, m! In my opinion, it should have been number 1, too, lol.