Friday, February 22, 2008

Saturday's News Roundup

Big news today!

We sold a new m/m novel to Liquid Silver Books, Fortune's Return. It's set in the same world as Fortune's Honor, though it's about Clay's younger brother, Ryan.

We're hoping for a June release date. Here's the blurb!

Ryan Putnam has lost everything. Laid off from teaching high school and dumped by his lawyer boyfriend, he has nowhere else to go but his childhood home – the Good Fortune ranch. He plans to take the summer to regroup and start over. He never expects to be smitten with a cowboy. Especially not a cowboy like Teo Mendez, who is everything Ryan’s ex-boyfriend is not.

Four years after his wife's death, Teo Mendez has returned to what he loves the most – working the land. He believes the Good Fortune ranch is the perfect place to build a new life for his son, Antonio. When his boss's brother Ryan shows up to work, the other man’s haunted eyes reminds Teo of everything he has lost as well. So he offers the only thing he can—his friendship. But it doesn't take long for Ryan to reawaken long dormant emotions and desires.

Ryan doesn’t intend to find a relationship. Teo doesn’t want to complicate his life with a fling. What they have between them, however, is too powerful to ignore.

We also have a new review for A Little Bit Bewitched.

Genre: Fantasy, Witchcraft, Ménage, M/M
Nymph Rating: 4.5
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx

A Little Bit Bewitched is an amusing and sexy expedition into the world of witches and magic. Jamie Craig illustrates the intoxicating bond between Lucy, Daniel and Charles in a most creative way. Daniel loves them both in the same way he is loved, he is their center. A Little Bit Bewitched is a mystical tale with spectacular love scenes that I found very pleasurable.

The third item on our list is a new cover. Specifically the new cover for Chaos & Communion.

Six months after Jesse Madding is brutally tortured by Marcus Brooker, he is still experiencing flashbacks, panic attacks, and jumping at his own shadow. His lovers, Gideon Keel and Emma Coolidge, would do anything to help him, but Jesse cannot tolerate the thought of being alone, and refuses to be hospitalized for treatment. Desperate for a change, Gideon and Emma suggest a radical solution.

Jesse wants to fix his life. More than anything, Jesse wants to be normal again. He doesn’t want to live in fear. He doesn’t want to be ashamed of his scarred and mutilated body. He doesn’t want to shy away from Gideon’s touch. Certain that the holding pattern will kill him, he agrees to Gideon and Emma’s proposed solution: travel to an alternative dimension and save Marcus Brooker from witnessing Mary’s grisly murder, in order to save Brooker’s soul.

And there's still more news.
Craving Kismet is on presale at Amazon. Our novella, Liaisons in Jubilee is also on pre-sale. It's part of an anthology that features Bonnie Dee and Veronica Wilde. So, some good stuff there.


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