Saturday, March 8, 2008

News roundup

With Pepper under the weather and then trying to catch up this week, we didn't get a lot of writing done. We were, however, blessed with a lot of wonderful reviews.

At the Advent of Dusk received 5 nymphs from Literary Nymph Reviews:
Two different worlds met, merged and made me melt in The Advent of Dusk. The pull between Gideon and Mary conjured up so many emotions I am still reading their story in my head. I love the fact that you see Gideon wrestling between doing what is right and what he feels compelled to do as a vampire. Mary is the kind of character who is hard enough to be viewed as a leader, but still soft enough to represent every woman. Thank you Craig for the passionate trip into your world. Now that I’m here, I plan to apply for residency.
Speaking of Literary Nymphs, they also reviewed a couple other stories, including Mine. Mystical Nymph gave it 4.5 nymphs, and said:
This novella is only 60 pages, but the author has packed a great deal of story into its length, making it a fast paced and enthralling read. At first I wasn’t certain that I cared much for Erik’s character, but I wasn’t long into the book before I understood why he was acting as he was, and I was racing to the end to see what happened next. This vampire has more than enough bad-boy attitude to scare a smart man into running in the other direction…and obviously Travis isn’t as smart as he thinks he is, or he wouldn’t have tried to drug Erik. Erik is willing to do whatever it takes to remove the man he loves from a position of submission and take him back to their home and in doing so will gladly kill Travis.

Joel isn’t much of main character in the first portion of the story. He’s more of a prop that has sexual acts forced on him. It’s only after Erik starts to bleed and feed him, that he returns more to his normal self and the reader sees what kind of a ‘vampire’ he really is. This is the point where he shares equally in the story with Erik, and when their true partnership and love comes to light.

There’s an interesting twist with Travis’s personality at the end which leads to a totally unexpected conclusion regarding his fate that I truly appreciated.
Then, there's the 4 nymphs review I got for Ruby Red Rebels:
I loved the twist of having a vampire peacekeeper as our story’s hero, and the level of personal integrity that he had. This guy is sizzling hot and when he and Serena get together, the sparks fly. He wants her, he needs her and if the only way he can have her is to keep his fangs to himself…them our boy is willing to not bite and tell. I also thought that the idea of having loan sharks that were actually vampires to be rather unique and interesting, especially when Serena and Max used them against Ruby in their quest for the bracelet. That part was pure genius. The secondary characters such as Serena’s father and cousin were few and far between, but adding them in as background information during conversation, still added another level to the story keeping it from being flat and boring.

I thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced and well-plotted story and the witty bantering dialogue between Serena and Max was so much fun that I often found myself chuckling as I raced from page to page. These two are good together and if they can get past some incorrect perceptions, they just might have a chance at long term happiness.
And finally, our first review for March: Kiss Me from Elisa Rolle:
It's obvious that the main character of this story is Alejandro: he is the object of Mal's fantasies and the director of their story, but also Mal has a very lovely role; Mal accepts Alejandro for what he is, and don't put a tantrum when Alejandro has to do his work: in the end it's only sex, and what they have together could be love...

A very interesting story, I loved to read of Alejandro and how he faces his day-to-day "work"; don't know if it's a realistic attitude, and problaby the porn movie market is not so nice and "clear", but nevertheless, Alejandro is a quite original character, and I feel his moves and actions enough "realistic".

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