Monday, March 17, 2008

News roundup

So let's see...what's happened in the past week?

Well, we got a new cover for our April release, My Masked Mistress:

Isn't it pretty? We really like this one.

We got some reviews, too. Signey E. Scott at JERR reviewed A Little Bit Bewitched, and gave it 4 stars:
A Little Bit Bewitched is a captivating love story between one woman and two men. At times, I thought the story was slowing down, but the next paragraph threw me right back into the thick of the action. There is a lot of sexual action in this book, including M/F/M ménage, M/M bisexuality, group sex, voyeurism, and exhibitionism. The sexual elements of the story interlocked perfectly with the plot. There wasn’t a tug-of-war between the three because each was the object of the other two characters’ desire. They meshed so well and that in turn made the story enjoyable and worth reading. Daniel is the beta male in the relationship and he seemed to be the one that the others had to walk on eggshells around. Lucy is the mediator of the three. She is their voice and their motivator. Charles is the alpha male. He is the voice of experience and the more dominate to the others’ submissiveness. This book is a story of people being open to other eye-opening experiences and I highly recommend reading.

Pam S. at My Book Cravings reviewed two of our titles.

Brindisi Bedfellows received 5 flowers:
...rough around the edges Tripp had an insecure and uncertain interior that I wasn’t expecting, and his fear almost vibrates off the page. I loved watching Christian grow and become surer of himself under the encouragement and attention of Tripp. When these two men get together, watch out for fiery passion and heat equal to the Italian sun.

I can’t say enough good things about this well written and plotted gem. Between the likable characters, exciting locale, witty dialogue and a villain in Andrew that you love to hate, there isn’t anything about this story that I didn’t like.

Seduction in Black and White received 4 flowers:
Seduction in Black and White takes up where the last book in this interesting and intriguing series, Mosaic Moon, left off. Like others in this dark fantasy series, the sexual encounters between Gideon and Jesse are filled with intense and often painful scenes from their BDSM lifestyle. Yet even amongst the pain and blood, it’s very clear that these two men love and depend on each other like no other, and adding Emma to the mix just gives another layer of depth of tenderness and love to their ongoing relationship.

This author, Jamie Craig, composed of Pepper Espinoza and Vivien Dean, uses rich and vivid details when describing not only the BDSM scenes of our threesome, but the kidnapping and torture of Jesse. You can almost feel the pain and suffering he experiences as he waits for his lover to rescue him, all the while never giving up hope. If this type of material bothers you in any way, then this might not be the book for you, but if you like dark cutting-edge fantasy, then this new keeper will definitely find a home with you. This reader is looking for to the next book in this series, Chaos and Communion.

And an oldie, but a goodie...Unclose Me got 3 cupids from Cupid's Library Reviews:
Jude and Elliot work through the realistic issues revolving around demanding careers and past failed attempts at love to establish a future with each other. Although Jude is an accomplished modern day woman, she still has insecurity issues that she must confront and overcome if she is to find happiness with Elliot. I like the fact that Elliot was willing to commit to fighting for Jude's love and not give up on her. The couple's struggles are very contemporary and the problems they face are believable. The story is very fast moving within a very sweet romantic plot. The characters are likable and written well. The romance and sex in the story are sensual and at times very erotic. Actually, some of the sex in the book are very intense and can be considered unique.

Pepper and I finished and submitted the June installment of the Calendar Boys last night, which means today we're starting a short het novella about a rocker and a folk singer for release in July. Then we've got a gay fantasy we're excited about starting. Full-length novel on that one. You'll probably have to put up with us talking about that one a lot later on.

Have a great Monday!


M said...

The cover is very pretty. I like the mask!

Then we've got a gay fantasy we're excited about starting. Full-length novel on that one.

Yes! Full-length! \o/
I've read some awesome fantasy lately and have been in the mood for more.
And I feel like you channeled into my thoughts or something.

Jamie said...

It wasn't actually something that was on our to do list, but we bunnied so hard on it, we realized we both wanted desperately to write it as soon as possible. It'll be something new for us. We haven't tackled a full-out fantasy before, so we've got some worldbuilding to do.

Vivien :)