Monday, March 24, 2008

News roundup

No new releases today, which means you get week's news instead. We got a new cover last week for our April Calendar Boys story, but since that's coming out this coming weekend, we figured we won't inundate our blog two weeks running with it. We did, however, finish our het song pax, Time in a Bottle, and totally messed up our upcoming writing schedule with a new bunny. We're just pathetic. But it's not our fault. We're blaming Macaulay and Wendy from the pax.

There were two new reviews, too, both from Romance Junkies. The first is for Chasing Silver. Robin Snodgrass gave it 5 ribbons, and said:
Jamie Craig has penned a thrilling adventure in CHASING SILVER. This time-travel romance is filled to the brim with non-stop action, sexy dialogue, and sensual love scenes. Remy is a sassy, street-smart heroine who refuses to give up, no matter what the obstacles. In my opinion, Nathan is the perfect hero for her. He is strong and protective toward Remy even though she is a strong woman who does not need coddling. They work exceptionally well together whether tracking leads, dodging bullets, or just having fun in the bedroom. CHASING SILVER is an inventive and exhilarating adventure that you do not want to miss. The explosive conclusion left me breathless! I cannot wait to see what Craig has in store for these remarkable characters in the future.

The second is for Trinity Broken. Natasha Smith gave it 4.5 ribbons and said:
TRINITY BROKEN by Jamie Craig took me on a rollercoaster ride like none other. I could not stop reading this book and while I winced, cried, and even got angry at the turn of events in the storyline, I relished and cherished the end result which was a truly magnificent story of love, forgiveness and the ability to overcome horrendous odds to find true love. Quite simply, it was glorious. Sara and Cameron are mates and while they love each other, their ability to love and accept Josh into their lives is very beautiful. Josh had never experienced anything as profound as Sara and Cam’s love and his ability to accept them as well is realistic and often times steamy! The trinity that is Cam, Sara, and Josh is written in such a way that unconditional love is endless – and to me, that is the way it should be.

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