Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday's News Roundup

ETA: Amber Quill's best sellers for February were posted today. Calendar Boys--February: Mine was number 6 for the month, and A Little Bit Bewitched was number 3! WOO!

Some good reviews this week. It's an embarrassment of riches.

First, Ms. Vivien got a 4 Angel review from FAR for her Ruby Red Rebels.

Ruby Red Rebels by Vivian (sic) Dean has two of my favorite things, vampires and cowboys! Max is both and he is a sexy and charming hero. He proves that vampires don’t need to be dark and brooding. Every scene with him makes me smile and wish I had him all for myself. Serena is a plus to the story as well. She is a strong character who doesn’t wait around to be rescued. She dives right in to help out, and once she gets over her distrust of vampires, she takes what she wants with Max. These are two characters I would love to learn more about, and I definitely want to explore the world Vivian (sic) Dean has created.

Speaking of vampires, At the Advent of Dusk got a 4 Star review from JERR.

Reviewer: Suni Farrar
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: H

The year was 1952 and a vampire by the name of Gideon Keel ran Chicago. Humans and vampires alike quaked in his presence, all except for one. Mary Straugh was a charismatic and rebellious young woman. She needed help finding the vampires that killed two young girls who belonged to her church. If she had the get that help from another vampire, then so be it. She was not afraid of Gideon and one night with him would not kill her . . . at least she hoped it did not.

I had the honor of reviewing the first novel in this great series, Master of Obsidian, and I must say that At The Advent of Dusk lived up to the high standards set by the original. I would venture to say that At The Advent of Dusk was not as dark as its predecessor was, but it did have its moments. Take for instance the opening line of the novel. I have read nothing more powerful and depraved. Gideon remained a contradiction throughout the tale. One instance he was a blood hungry vampire without many morals. The next moment he would care and protect Mary with his whole heart.

It was something about her that brought out the gentleness in Gideon. She was one human that he did not see as food. It could have had something to do with her gumption but Mary was not a fragile woman. She fought for what she believed in and Gideon respected her for that. The magnetism between the lead characters combined with the dark plot sent the sexual tension soaring. I read the story straight through and then headed upstairs. Luckily, for me the pages went by quickly. I adored At The Advent of Dusk. Brava, Ms. Craig.

Trinity Broken got some love from RRTErotic

A provocative tale about being true to yourself, and the ones you love, TRINITY BROKEN is an intense and complex romance. The characters are written with such depth that at times I felt like I was intruding on their most intimate moments as all three struggle to become the loving, happy family they were before all this madness entered their lives. They all suffer from their fractured relationship, and Jamie Craig's book is a journey of rediscovery as Cam, Sara and Josh search not only for those who mutilated Sara, but for the one thing that can bring them back together. The only quibble I had is that this story starts off in the present, with flashbacks to much more carefree times sprinkled within chapters, which became a bit confusing at times.

There are parts of the story that are pretty graphic, not only with violence, but with the sex scenes as well, which involved all three parties, or just Cam and Josh. But if you're looking for something a bit darker, a bit more raw, then TRINITY BROKEN is perfect.

Courtney Michelle

And last, but not least, Fresh Fiction reviewed Chasing Silver.

Jamie Craig has written a heart thumping tale with evil villains and a time travel romance where the sex between Nathan and Remy is beyond hot. These two are attracted to each other right away and that doesn't stop them from acting on their feelings for each other. Even though a future between them may not be possible, they grab what happiness whenever they can. CHASING SILVER has excellent written chase scenes along with mind numbing fights. Nathan is one incredible and sexy hero who won't back down from getting what he wants and protecting those around him. Remy in turn may act tough, but she is soft when she needs to be, and that means when she is with Nathan.

Kristen is the worst kind of villain, a very amoral character who will kill without any reason. Remy is the total opposite of her but she has a sharp mind and will try her best to come on top. Isaac also rounds out the good guys with his wit and observations. For anyone who likes stories that will keep them on the edge of their seat, CHASING SILVER is the one to read.

We also finished up the fifth book in our Calendar Boys series. May's Corazón. Corazón is Spanish for heart, and I think this might be our most complex novella yet for the series. It's certainly the longest, at over 30K.

Next up, our novella Time In a Bottle. I'm excited about this one. It's an insert for the Master Chronicles. Jesse is hopping dimensions again, but with a much different purpose!

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