Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday News Roundup

Prisilla Alston at JERR reviewed Chaos & Communion and gave it 4 1/2 stars:

This is the fifth book in a series from this author, but without having read the other four books, this one can definitely stand on its own. The theory of the book made sense, and I was able to follow along with where the author was going with these engrossing characters. Clearly, Emma and Gideon are in the relationship for the long haul as they work diligently to heal the man they both love. They see he's not the same, and so do we, as he struggles to come to terms with what happened in his life. There are other secondary characters that are eager to fill us in on the entire novel. While we feel the love as it surrounds us by the main characters, this is not a "cutesy" romance. The sex scenes were strong and pulsing page turners that easily drew me into their erotic web. As this is a story about a dominant vampire and his submissives, I fully expected to see some blood play, and it definitely didn't turn me off. In fact, those not into the lifestyle may be surprised at how turned on you are by some of the sexual acts. The book was very well-written and I didn't have a problem until I got to the very end. It wasn't a bad ending, but somehow seemed incomplete. Perhaps there is a plan for another book, causing things to seem unfinished. To find out if Jesse gets healed and some of the things he experiences through the process, I encourage you to read The Master Chronicles V: Chaos & Communion. Despite my disappointment with the unclear ending, I highly recommend this book.

Elisa Rolle reviews Out of the Storm

Jay Archer is a park rancher who needs to evacuate a flood zone full of tourist. Nick Lau is a television weather man who has not foretold the bad weather and chose to spend a romantic weekend with his lover in an isolated cabin. But he was dumped soon after his arrival to the cabin and now is mourning and trying to get drunk. And he has no intention to leave the cabin.

At first Jay is all to leave Nick to his depression, but the flood caughts him to the cabin and very near to Nick. Nick all in all is a very handsome and cute guy, and Jay is not the type to deny a man, if he asks and is enough sober to understand what he is asking. So Jay and Nick spend a sexy weekend, but when the rain stops, Jay has to return to his work and Nick to his city... can they find a common path?

Out of the Storm is a sexy little story. Jay and Nick are two characters without inhibitions, and they have no problem to try the boundaries of sex. There is a bit of pleasure/pain game and D/S on both part. Nor Jay or Nick are totally dom or sub, but I think that Nick is the more fragile, he needs reassurance and a man near him who is enough independent to not rely on Nick for everything, but also enough self-conscious to leave sometime the upper hand to Nick.

This is a rather short book, less than 60 pages, and it also spans for only a weekend in Jay and Nick's life, but for me is very enjoyable, and the two characters are deeply enough to allow me to understand them and their reasons.

She also reviewed A Hidden Beauty

The story is very long and it's peaceful and quiet, it flows like a placid river. It starts slow and continues with a almost straight course. But it's very beautiful and romantic. The paranormal event is only a second line aspect, and this is for sure an historical romance. Reading it I remember some biography I have read of poets who chose to live alone far from the so-said civil society, to enjoy the nature and the simple life of the country. In this case there is also the matter of homosexuality, and Jefferson chooses a self-imposed exile to avoid the consequences of a sexual scandal in the scholar Harvard community.

Almost all the story is setting in Jefferson's cottage, and in a very small village, and both Micah than Jefferson come from wealthy family who provide for them, and so they live in comfort. But more than the historical accuracy of the setting, it's the sensuality between the two men that draws me, the poetry that becomes love stimulation, the words that become sex toys...

Beautiful cover that enlights you in one of the sexual game they play... you should read it!

Tina at Two Lips Reviews gave Mine 5 Lips and a Recommended Read!

Jamie Craig gives you sex, more sex, and intrigue in Mine. There are a lot of twists and turns in this story that are sure to keep you guessing. There are also a lot of things at play in this book, you might not realize at first. The surprises will leave you wondering until the very last page is turned. Eric is dominating, endearing, and completely not what you would expect. Is he really a stranger? Or is there more to this? Travis also has his secrets. Is he the lover in this story? Or a mad man carefully in disguise?

This story has many levels of mind games, as well as body games. I loved how it is written. It keeps you wondering and completely off guard the whole time. You won’t be disappointed in this book. But just to let you know, it’s not for the faint of heart. There are extreme sex scenes in Mine, as well as extreme violence and extreme blood. But it’s well worth it! This is part of the Calendar Boys series. Mine is a great read. Ms. Craig gives you everything you could want in a story: sex, intrigue, and true love, with a final twist that makes you want more!

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