Monday, April 7, 2008

New Release: Out of the Storm

This is the fourth in our Calendar Boys series. April, believe it or not, is a difficult month to fit into our theme! And then Vivien remembered that simple rhyme April showers bring May flowers. Unfortunately, in Utah, April showers means "April snow showers" so we didn't set the story in Utah!

When it rains, it pours...

Television weatherman Nick Lau’s romantic weekend with his boyfriend, Austin, ends in disaster before it even has the chance to begin. Austin dumps him and leaves their cabin just as the heavens open, and soon, the mountain is awash in dangerous flash floods.

Park ranger Jay Archer just wants to escort the tourists off the mountain and to safety. But instead, he finds himself stranded in a small cabin with the very attractive Nick Lau. He seeks sanctuary with Nick, who returns the favor by seeking a different kind of sanctuary in Jay’s arms.

And now, as per usual, a never before posted excerpt.

The first thing Jay had become aware of earlier that morning was how warm Nick’s body was pressed against his. The second thing was the ache in his groin. He couldn’t remember the last time he woke up next to somebody so unsatisfied. The worst part was, Nick probably would have let Jay fuck him, if he had tried. But Jay had a little more self-respect than to force himself onto a heart-broken, drunk, confused, needy stranger.

With that in mind, he did his level best to keep his distance from Nick throughout the day. Even so, it was one of the best days Jay had spent in recent memory. Well, one of the best days he spent indoors, with another person. He liked watching movies with Nick. He loved eating dinner with Nick. And as their flirtation intensified, he remembered the way he had felt that morning. Hard. Throbbing. Hungry for more contact. Cold everywhere Nick wasn’t touching him, and scorched everywhere they had contact.

Now that Nick was sober, he didn’t mind kissing him until they were both winded, and Nick’s arousal was pressed against his thigh. He pulled Nick towards the loft, and when the other man didn’t resist at all, his mouth ran dry. But when they reached the top of the ladder, Jay hesitated. He didn’t know if Nick wanted to be in charge, or if Jay should take the upper-hand. And it seemed very important that Nick get exactly what he wanted—and what he needed—out of their time together.

“What’s wrong?” The fingers they had entwined loosened slightly, and Nick’s dark eyes were solemn where they tilted up at him. “If you’re changing your mind…”

“I’m not changing my mind. I just…” Jay studied Nick’s face in the shadows. They hadn’t bothered turning on the light, and the rain made the evening artificially dark. He didn’t think there was any point in explaining himself, or asking for help. Instead of speaking, he took Nick by the shoulders and slammed his mouth against Nick’s, kissing him with more force than he had used before.

Nick whimpered, but rather than pull away, his arms locked around Jay’s back. His tongue answered every assault, and he invited even more by biting at Jay’s lips. Everything about him was deceptive. In spite of his slighter frame, there was a wiry strength in his body as he latched onto Jay, kneading the muscles in his back, grinding against his thigh.

“Thank God,” he breathed when Jay finally let his mouth go. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how good you felt this morning.”

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you, either.” Jay pushed him back to the bed, and wished he had more hands. Besides his own sharp desire, he remembered how smooth Nick’s skin was, how it had warmed him. He remembered how well Nick’s body fit against his. But if he wanted to feel Nick’s skin, Jay would have to release him, and he wasn’t ready for that. “I didn’t even want to let you out of bed this morning.”

“So let’s get back in it.”

Nick leaned back, redistributing his weight so that they toppled onto the blankets. Jay grunted as he landed atop him, but Nick’s attack at the sinew of his neck, biting and licking at the tense muscles, erasing any sense of worry. Moaning, he tilted his head to give Nick more room to explore, his eyes drifting shut as sparks shot down his spine.

Nick wasn’t the sort of person Jay typically found attractive. He liked larger guys. Guys who didn’t look like they were carefully groomed and prepared to be on television every night. But as Nick used his teeth and fingernails on his skin, finding sensitive spots to agitate and sooth, Jay realized he was never going to look at potential partners the same way again. Because there wasn’t anything about Nick that didn’t feel amazing.

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