Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday News Roundup

We have a few covers and reviews today!

Christina reviewed Fortune's Return at Romance Junkies

Jamie Craig always seems to write heroes that I can’t resist and Teo is no exception. I instantly fell in love with him. He is a strong alpha male who isn’t afraid to let his gentler side show. The secondary characters are also very well drawn. Teo’s son Antonio is a lot of fun and Ryan’s interactions with him are very endearing. These two cowboys and their relationship feel very real to me. FORTUNE’S RETURN is definitely a keeper!

Teresa gave Commencement four angels at FAR

Ms. Craig has created a story about two very strong men who are willing to put everything on the line to reach for what they want most in life, a love to last a lifetime. Almost every student at one time or another has feelings for a teacher, but never get to live out their dreams. Levi is a man with strong beliefs in what is right and wrong. Andrew loves this about him even though those ideas made them wait to explore their feelings for one another for four years. Andrew appears to be a cocky young man, but underneath he knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to wait for it. Together they create a love that is poignant and very erotic. Thanks go to Ms. Craig for a fun read.

Commencement also got 3 stars from Rainbow Reviews.

Craig gives us a realistic portrait of two men who have held back for four years, so no wonder they go a little wild when the breaks come off. The sex is hot and those who like plenty of it will be well satisfied.

I was particularly grateful to see that the author has given these two more in common than just physical attraction. It makes me think they stand a good chance of making it long-term. I’m a sucker for happy-ever-after endings.

Valerie gave My Masked Mistress 3.5 hearts at Love Romances & More

This is a very hot story that will certainly leave lovers of the BDSM lifestyle panting for more. Jamie Craig graphically portrays the ways of a Dominatrix with her sub. Now, I don’t mind a bit of BDSM in my erotic stories. Some spanking, tying up and such, but when it comes to outright pain, which the characters enjoy, then for me this is going just a tad too far. But, having said that, I appreciate that there are many people who do live this lifestyle and will definately enjoy this story. The characters are charming, alive and believable, the plot is a page turner and the relationship between Dante and Noelle is hot! More than just the enjoyment of their BDSM sessions blooms between them and finally, Noelle has to come clean about why she approached him in the first place.

Sabella reviewed A Hidden Beauty for Joyfully Reviewed

A Hidden Beauty is a timeless romance that skillfully weaves the love of poetry through its pages until it becomes almost a language of its own between the characters. Jamie Craig wrote a spectacular and lyrical tale of love between two men who must battle their socially-ingrained repellence to the feelings they incite in each other. Micah is a young, naïve, and exuberant young man who has pursued his love of poetry against his family’s objections. When he unexpectedly finds a kindred soul in Jefferson, he is overjoyed, even if a little confused by his reaction to the man. Jefferson is a mature man who has been burned in the past for pursuing his desires, but he nonetheless is swept away by Micah’s charm. A Hidden Beauty is not a story for the casual, laidback reader. Its prose is very complex and deep, requiring the reader’s undivided attention to fully capture the characters' flavors and emotions. Also, there is a substantial build-up to the culmination of the relationship between Micah and Jefferson, which I felt was resolved rather quickly and simply, given the length of the book. A Hidden Beauty is not a light or short read, but it is well worth the time and attention for those readers who enjoy the emotional courtship aspect of romance!

Unclose Me got a 2nd, 5-Cupid review at Cupid's Library.

This is definitely a realistic story. The characters could be any one of a thousand couples facing these problems. The way in which Elliot tries to resolve the issues is typical male and the way Jude faces them is typical female, thusly in the beginning there is no resolution just further pain. In the end, this book is full of truths and communication between Jude and Elliot which every successful relationship needs and, well, a lot of very hot, sweaty sex. This is an excellent contemporary, erotic read that has a great message in it yet demonstrates it in a believable and unforgettable way with smoking' hot sex scenes.

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Oh these covers are beautiful! Going to find in site more about these upcoming books. I so hope these reviews reach readers who haven't had the joy to read you both yet and give yours a try to see what they are missing!