Monday, June 2, 2008

New Release: Commencement

Andrew Parish has waited four years to tell Dr. Levi McCrea how he feels about him. Four years of sparring in his classroom. Four years of challenging the brilliant older man. Now, on the eve of graduating from UC Berkeley, he can’t wait any longer.

When his most provocative student shows up on his doorstep, Levi isn’t sure what to think, especially when Andrew asks him out on a date. The fact that Levi doesn’t go out with students, however, doesn’t dissuade Andrew. He simply vows to come back the next day after he has his diploma in hand.

After all, Andrew has waited four long years. One more day won’t matter...

And now a new excerpt:
The chair wasn’t big enough for both of them, but that didn’t stop Andrew from squirming against Levi’s lap. He felt the hard length of his cock immediately and smiled. “I’m guessing your paper can’t be a dissection of which room in your house is most conducive to fucking me, huh?”

“No, unfortunately.” Levi ran his fingers over the back of Andrew’s thighs. “Though at least now when thoughts of you drive me to distraction, I can do something about it.”

Andrew ran the tip of his tongue over Levi’s lower lip, breathing in his scent. “So you finally admit you wanted to fuck me all along. It’s about time.”

“You never really doubted it, did you?”

“No, but it’s always good to hear.”

He kissed him, slow and almost sweet. It shouldn’t have felt like the first time, but somehow, whenever they came back together after being apart for a day or two, kissing Levi always felt like the first time.

Levi opened to the kiss, his hand going to the back of Andrew’s neck. They kissed until Andrew was breathless, and even then, Levi didn’t release him. His lips were pliant and warm, his breath warm and a little sour. When Andrew finally lifted his head, Levi’s eyes were dark. “We shouldn’t be doing this in my office.”

Andrew’s mouth tilted. “Shouldn’t isn’t the same as won’t. Or don’t want to.” His fingertips roamed over Levi’s face as he drank him in. He loved being this close to him. He saw the history of the man’s life in every line. “The building’s deserted. No students. No faculty. No interruptions. It’s the perfect time to indulge in one or two of our fantasies.”

Levi skimmed his mouth over Andrew’s lips, and then his jaw. “Not that I’m making any promises about indulging, but which fantasies, exactly?”

He closed his eyes, drowning in the soft assault. “Oh, there’s the blowing you under the desk fantasy. And the blowing you on top of the desk fantasy. And the you fucking me on your desk fantasy.” He chuckled. “Maybe it’s not you I’m interested in. Clearly, it’s your desk I’m obsessed with.”

“It’s a good, solid desk. Worth being obsessed with.” He pulled at Andrew’s shirt, then caressed the exposed band of skin. “Tell me more about fucking you on my desk.”

“There’s not much to tell.” Tilting his head back gave Levi more room to taste. Andrew gripped his arms as each bite sent a new frisson down his spine. “You. Me. Pounding. Once, I dreamt that you had me cuffed to it to use as your fucktoy whenever the mood took you. Which, luckily for me, was often.”

Levi moaned, his breath fanning across Andrew’s throat. “And me without my cuffs. Do you have a condom?”

“Don’t leave home without it.”

“I always knew you were a smart boy.” Levi’s tongue moved up the column of his throat, and then he sought out Andrew’s mouth again. This kiss was much harder, his lips demanding, his teeth scraping against Andrew’s mouth. “I’ve got to admit. I’ve thought about bending you over the edge of my desk and fucking you until you can’t even remember my name.”

Andrew slipped a hand between their bodies to grip Levi’s erection. “I’d like to see you try. It would take a lot to make me forget anything about you.”

Levi gripped Andrew’s waist, lifting him to the desk as he stood from the chair. “I think I’d like to try that right now. Unless you have any objection to that?”

“Object to you in my ass?” He wriggled against his arousal, grinning when Levi
groaned. “I might be a brat, but I’m not stupid.”

Elisa Rolle has already posted her review of this one:

The story is not very long, 60 pages, but it is charming. Actually the story is good, the sex joyous and the characters nice, so nice that I'd like to read more. Andrew has a pull and push relationship with his parents, so it would be interesting to read how would they react if he brings home a older man that could be his father. Levi has two separate life: in and out the college; he never mingles this tow side of his life... why? does he have some hidden reason?

Andrew and Levi have just began a very promising relationship and they are in that phase in which they spend almost all the time together and alone, but they almost don't interact with the outside world. How will they be? How will Levi manage having a so young lover? What will be the reaction of his colleagues and friends? Does he have friends? Actually we read very few things about him and his life, he remains almost an intrigue.

So in the end the story is very good but it seems like a prequel of a very promising future longer novel.

Be sure to stay caught up on the Calendar Boy series! More information here.

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