Tuesday, June 3, 2008

WIP Tuesdays

Title: Calendar Boys--August
Publisher: Amber Quill Allure
Length: 30-35K
Words Completed: 20,874
Date Started: 5/29/08
Date Due: ASAP
Summary: Fires are blazing across southern Utah, and Aaron Meyers knows he should be concentrating on the flames, but he's too distracted by former crush, and current New York City fireman, Xander Wescott. Xander returns to Utah to help battle the flames, side by side with Aaron, who is a volunteer firefighter. He remembers Aaron as the gangly kid who used to follow him around, and he's unprepared for just how much he wants to know the man Aaron has become.

Title: 10,000 Kisses
Publisher: Targeting Kensington
Length: Full novel
Words Completed: 2,000
Date Started: 5/3/08
Date Due: No deadline
Summary: Macaulay Jensen and Wendy DeMartino come from two different worlds. He's alt-country and she's a hardcore rocker. Their chemistry and passion is undeniable, but their careers have always come first. If they want a shot together, they've got to learn how to break old habits. M/F, M/F/M content.


M said...

July looks like a busy month for you. I saw books for Pepper, Vivien, and the two of you together XD

I peeked at Vivien's Samhain title too. Is "A Calling of Souls" a new series? If it is, will it turn into a menage somewhere down the line? I admit the book looks really tempting. Perhaps it's the guy with the mullet on the cover. He's making eye contact w/ me! And his eyes say come hither.


M said...

Ee... Just clarifying that I really like the cover for "Walk Among Us." I read back the comment I posted and it looked like I was making fun of the cover or something D:

Jamie said...

July's *really* busy, lol. We have 8 titles coming out between us. I have 2 in the song paxes at Amber Quill, Pepper has 2, and we wrote two together as JC. Then we've got our July Calendar Boy story, and Querida, the het novella at Samhain.

"A Calling of Souls" isn't a series, per se. It's a collection of three novellas, all gay romances, that we call our priest stories, lol. Mine is a paranormal about an ex-priest, Pepper's is a fantasy about a young man who's supposed to join the priesthood, and the title we wrote jointly as JC is a contemporary about an Anglican priest. They're getting released individually first, and then next year will get bundled into a print anthology. The way the release schedule happened, though, Pepper's and the JC title won't come out until September as e-books.

Vivien :)

Jamie said...

Oh, no, I didn't think that! No worries there. :)

M said...

Today I noticed the tiny toggle box that says "E-mail follow-up comments..." and clicked it. Ah technology...

I vaguely remember you talking about this series before. It must the priesthood part that jogged my memory. I like books that tackle gay clergy, and especially how they deal with their religion. I recently read a mystery (w/ gay clergy) called Body and Blood and it was really good.