Sunday, August 17, 2008

Long time no see!

Okay, so we're really bad about blogging. More like, we suck at it. The fact is, I'm lazy and inclined to focus on writing and other projects. Blogging is not a priority for me. Which means I forget about it for weeks at a time. But we have developments!

First, though I haven't remembered to post weekly updates, we've finished the novel formally referred to "Spence/Rebecca." It's called Cowboy Blues now, and we decided to query agents with it. At first we were going to submit it to Kensington directly, but honestly, I want to establish a relationship with an agent now. It's a little scary, and more than a little tempting to just sit back with be happy with the tiny little space we've carved out for ourselves. But we're capable of bigger and better things, and this is the logical next step.

We're working on the sequel to A Renaissance in Blood. It's called The Age of Retribution and we're cutting things pretty close. It was a last minute addition to the Master Chronicles series, which means it was going to be slotted into the schedule without disrupting the other two planned books. But unfortunately, Vivien has been feeling ill. On the bright side, we're a little over half-way completed. But we don't know if it'll still be released in October or pushed off to November. Once we finish The Age of Retribution, we've got to work on the final two stories for The Calendar Boys and then hopefully we can get to 10,000 Kisses. Though we still have to finish the final two books of The Master Chronicles and start our new series for 2009 Triple Sin (Six m/m/f short novels set in Las Vegas). So a lot to do, but school starts in a few weeks, which means Vivien and I should have more time to work. And I even found a job that won't take my attention away from writing!

We had a new m/m/f release this weekend. His Very Own which is just a sweet little novella with some m/m/f, m/f/m, m/f, and m/m. You can read the excerpt and blurb here.

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Caffey said...

Hi Vivien and Pepper.
Vivien, I hope you're ok and nothing serious? You take care!

I too am doing a bit of catching up as well. Just read about Stealing Northe! A cabin read!! and whew, the blurb sounds sizzlinjg! As I love western settings, both hstorical and temps, this one went right away on my wishlist! Congrat on the release and all you too have coming out.

I so believe in you both and that you'll make your way to be published with the NY publishers! Those who don't read ebooks/prefer prints, would then see what they are missing out on! I've read so many wonderful ebooks, including yours, that I'd never have read if I didn't read ebooks. I'll be watching here for updates on COWBoY BLUES. Keep believing!

I shall make my list of what I missed recently (which looks to be alot, you've been busy) Love it! Thanks for all you write!