Sunday, July 22, 2007

Another advisory

Well, we've done it again, lol.

From the information page for our upcoming release, Unveiled:

Advisory: This book contains graphic violence, hardcore bondage, and punishment, torture and blood play. May not be suitable for the more sensitive reader.

While the warning is probably valid, what amuses me to no end is that Pepper and I have consistently believed that Unveiled is far more sensual than its predecessor, Master of Obsidian. There's a greater depth of emotion to it, since we can start exploring some of Jesse's and Gideon's feelings more fully. But because of its subject matter, and because the world in which they reside is a dark one we don't try to protect the reader from, we're probably always going to have those warnings. Now book 4, Seduction in Black and White, definitely merits them...

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