Friday, July 27, 2007

Sold: Trinity Broken

We love all our stories and characters, but we really, really adore the three in Trinity Broken. We submitted it to Samhain at the beginning of June for consideration, and our editor, Sasha, officially offered a contrast last week! It also has a tentative release date: April 22, 2008. Mark your calenders!

Scientist Joshua Ames committed the unforgivable sin. He fell in love with his research subjects, shapeshifters Cameron and Sara. Despite the taboo, Josh moved into their home and lives without regret. Then Sara disappeared.

It takes two years to find her. When they do, she is unconscious, emaciated, and shackled. They thought the hard part was living without her. But as soon as Sara wakes, they realize the hard part is putting their lives back together.

Sara barely remembers life with Cam and Josh. All she remembers is a monster, a shifter who wore Cam’s face, torturing and testing her for two long years. Without a home, conditioned to fear her own abilities, Sara struggles to start over. Because whoever stole two years of her life is searching for her, intent on getting her back.

The three struggle to rebuild their relationship and the trust that’s been destroyed. Solving the mystery behind Sara’s kidnapping is the key to ultimately giving all of them peace. Just when they need each other the most, however, the truth behind her disappearance sends the three of them spiraling apart. Again.

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