Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New Release: Unveiled (with NC-17 excerpt)

Our sequel to Master of Obsidian, Unveiled is officially released!

Beauty is in the eye of the master...

Gideon Keel and Jesse Madding have seen dozens of gruesome crime scenes over the years, but nothing compares to the grisly discovery they make in a small apartment above a sporting goods store. The body has clearly been put on display, and clues in the apartment indicate that while the woman was dying, party guests were enjoying rich caviar and expensive champagne. The two men are mystified.

They receive help from an unexpected source; a young woman they rescue from an auction at the vampire club, Sangre. Emma Coolidge is determined to save her sister from the same monsters Gideon and Jesse are hunting. While both men are utterly fascinated by her beauty, her intelligence, and her rare talent as an empath, they value her for her friendship. The three plan a sting operation to infiltrate the small group of "art connoisseurs" by sadistically turning Jesse into a living work of art, but will it be enough to save Chicago from more vicious murders in the name of beauty?

And here is a never before seen excerpt from the novel:

Fresh pre-come seeped from the slit, prompting Jess to catch what he could on his tongue. When he felt the vampire behind him pull out and spray across his lower back, he fully expected the next to take its place without pause. It took him by surprise then when Gideon suddenly let him go, bending over to shove the other vampires surrounding him away.

“Get up here,” he snarled. Scooping his hands beneath Jesse’s arms, he hauled him onto his lap in a single breath. In the next, he buried his cock deep inside Jesse’s ass.

Jess dug his fingers into Gideon’s shoulders, the relief he felt at Gideon’s unexpected act eclipsed only by his pleasure. It never really mattered how many vamps fucked him; he only ever wanted Gideon, and it was only Gideon that could make him forget the rest of the world. The whole club might have been watching them, and Jess wouldn’t have noticed or cared.

“It’s all yours,” Jess gasped as Gideon began guiding him, his large hands gripping Jesse’s hips tightly.


Without letting go, Gideon yanked him off-balance, their mouths slamming together. The assault of his tongue was sharpened when Jesse felt the fangs descend, the first heat of his own blood flooding his taste buds. Gideon growled.

“Not going to last,” he warned.

Jesse couldn’t even nod. His whole body vibrated, pulled as taut as a guitar string. One hand abandoned his hip to close around his cock, finally freeing him from the cursed cock ring. He buried his other hand in Jesse’s hair and yanked his head back. Jess’s balls tightened, and Gideon drove deeper into his body, and he didn’t know how he managed to keep himself from exploding. He gasped pitifully, his jaw working, but he didn’t have enough breath to beg.

Then he didn’t have any breath left at all.

Gideon’s fangs struck at the same moment his body tensed beneath Jesse’s, the hot flood of his come mirroring the hotter pull of blood from his throat. That first drag was the only impetus Jesse needed, crying out Gideon’s name with a choked sob as his world imploded. His cock jerked in Gideon’s hand as he flooded their stomachs with shot after shot of sticky come, and he clawed at the powerful arms holding him, desperate to make it last as long as possible.

And still, Gideon drank.

A buzzing started in Jesse’s ears as Gideon pulled more and more blood from him; that buzz became a roar long before Gideon retracted his fangs. As usual, there was no thought of pulling away, no trace of fear, just a growing ecstasy disguising a darker fate—all it took was Gideon to misjudge what Jesse could give and that would be it. But he never misjudged, and when he finally slid his fangs out and began lapping at the bruised skin, Jess didn’t have the strength to do anything except slump in his arms.

Gideon tightened his hold, keeping Jesse upright when he would have melted into nothing. When Gideon’s mouth slid up his neck to his ear, the soft words that came next made goose bumps erupt along his skin.

“You’re not just mine,” Gideon breathed. “I’m yours, too.”

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