Friday, October 26, 2007

New Review: FAR Craving Kismet

Reviewer: Rachel C
Rating: 4/5 Angels
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When Jenny Rohm meets Ashley Edwards at a party her fiancé has to attend for work, she’s pleased to find someone nice to talk to. But with that first flirty conversation Jenny and Ashley find themselves attracted and Jenny can’t get Ashley out of her head even when she’s with Brian, her fiancé. And with Brian now working closely with Ashley, Jenny can’t avoid him. The more time she spends with Ashley the more she’s attracted to him. Consumed with guilt over her fantasies of Ashley, she tries to ignore her growing desire for him.

Ashley has always gone after what and who he wants and Jenny is no different at first, but as he gets to know Brian, for the first time in his life he backs off from taking what he wants, Jenny. Every time he’s with Jenny he’s consumed with desire for her and becomes more intrigued and fascinated by this woman who shows such loyalty to another man. At each meeting their friendship and desire for each other grows. But when Ashley discovers that Jenny isn’t as happy with Brian as he thought, he sets out to have her. And once Ashley sets out to get something nothing gets in his way.

Jamie Craig has woven a beautiful story of love, loyalty and desire. I found myself cheering for Jenny when she stood her ground against an overwhelming desire for someone that wasn’t her fiancé, but then pleading with her to take the plunge and go for it with Ashley. The chemistry between Ashley and Jenny is palpable from the minute they speak. Caught between loyalty and desire Jenny’s struggle is real and alive with every paragraph of Craving Kismet. Jenny is such a strong character, and I found her completely three dimensional. It’s often very difficult to keep a woman feminine when she has a masculine job, but Jamie Craig has brought her to life without a problem. Her portrayal of Ashley is also to be applauded. Here’s a man so self confident that he’s never backed away from anything or anyone, single or married, it’s never mattered to him before. Only now he finds he cares about hurting these two people. First the young man he’s working with and then the woman he wants with what is rapidly becoming an obsession. Caught between his desire and growing friendship with Jenny, Ashley is confused by his own restraint. Jamie Craig has such a wonderful way with words, and I found myself being far more enthralled by this book than I expected. It’s a deeply emotional book and well worth reading again.

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