Friday, November 30, 2007

Chasing Silver--A Contest!

Chasing Silver is special to Vivien and me for a lot of reasons. For one thing, it is literally the first novel we ever wrote together. And we love this story so much. We love the characters. I don't know if any other book is so close to my heart. And now it's going to be in stores across the nation on December 1, 2007.

Here is the blurb on the back of the book:

On the run in Washington, D.C. from a cop who cares more about inflicting pain than serving justice, Remy Capra grabs a handful of coins and jumps out a window. She lands seventy-five years back in time and across a continent in Los Angeles--at the feet of bounty hunter Nathan Pierce.

Remy isn't like any woman he's ever met. She's street-smart and sassy, but she needs help, and Nathan, against his own better judgment, offers it. Danger looms on all sides: Remy might be whisked back to her own time at any moment, a murderous gang lord is after them, and then there's the mystery of the Silver Maiden, a mystical coin with strange powers. Remy and Nathan may have a future--if she can evade her own past, and if they manage to keep alive in the ever-threatening present...

We want to celebrate. And we want everybody to celebrate with us. And in my entire life, I don't think I've ever experienced anything as exciting as knowing that my book is going to be in book stores across the country. I'd love to see some proof of it! So here's the deal: If you see a copy of our beautiful book and take a picture of it and mail me the link to jamiecraigbooks (at), I will send you a book from our Jamie Craig backlist. We'll be running this contest all month. Also, if you post this in your own blog, livejournal, etc, and post a link here you can win another book from our backlist.

To summarize:
1) Take a picture of Chasing Silver in a bookstore
2) Email the picture to me at jamiecraigbooks (at)
3) Win a copy of a book!

1) Cross-post this to your own blog/LJ/etc
2) Email me the link at jamiecraigbooks (at)
3) Win a copy of a book!

1) Do both
2) Win two books!

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Caffey said...

Hi i'm Cathie! I love the books from Amber Quill heat and read about yours and totally excited about yours!!!! I'm definately going to go get this one as soon as I can venture out (we have 2o inches of snow) But I too wanted to check if this contest is still happening? Thanks