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Mosaic Moon - JERR review

I just updated the website with a bunch of new reviews, and realized we have to share the one we received this weekend from JERR. This is our first review for Mosaic, and we were thrilled. This is exactly what we were trying to convey when writing the story, and there's not a better feeling in the world than knowing somebody out there got it and appreciated it.

Title: The Master Chronicles 3: Mosaic Moon
Author: Jamie Craig
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
Publisher URL:
Reviewer: Roxy Blue
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: O

Jesse Madding is a human in love with a vampire, Gideon Keel, and their relationship is rock-solid. However, Jesse is also in love with another human, Emma Coolidge, an empath who struggles to command her abilities. Much to Jesse’s shock and delight, Gideon welcomes the idea of bringing another into their lives. Now, all they have to do is convince Emma.

This novel is the third in The Master Chronicles but you don’t need to read the others to appreciate this complex and compelling plot. There is a lot of back-story to these three characters and I urge you to read the previous novels to deepen your appreciation, but Mosaic Moon stands alone because the author does a great job of intertwining the back-story into this novel so the reader understands what is happening. Jesse is deeply human and endearing for his honest acceptance of his dual sexual nature. I loved how Jesse never agonized over the issue of gay or straight; Jesse simply accepted himself. His love and desire for Gideon never wavered but his attraction to Emma is undeniable. Gideon surprised me in his acceptance of Jesse’s nature. Gideon came across as fully realized and so sure of his relationship with Jesse that including a woman in their relationship did not threaten him. I found this delightful and different. Gideon, as a vampire with lifetimes of experience, accepted this quirk in his lover. Do not think this is a sham of a triangle. For just as Jessie loves Gideon and Emma, Gideon has his own reasons for loving the dynamic Emma and Emma loves both of these wonderful heroes. This author truly created a triangle relationship between all three characters that was believable. The sex scenes were hot, detailed and engaged all of my senses. The author didn’t hold back from exploring the lust and love between all three main characters. Some readers might be a bit shocked at some of the stronger BDSM sex scenes but I found them believable, erotic, and entirely fitting to the characters.

Roxy Blue
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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