Thursday, December 13, 2007

EPPIES Finalist!

Today I received news that our good friend, Phillipa Grey-Gerou is one of the finalists! Specifically, her historical menage, The Sanctity of Marriage. If you enjoy hot threesomes (and you should!) and well-written historical romances (who doesn't?), you should definitely check out this one. Here's the blurb:

Sarah Adams is content with her lot in life as a dependent spinster. When she meets wealthy lumberman Matthew Ingram and his boorish friend Jason Sinclair, all that changes. To her surprise, Matthew proposes marriage, and with no better options available to her, she agrees. But marriage to the handsome, reserved Matthew is not what she expects, nor is her new husband.

When she discovers him in the stables with Jason, she realizes that his reserve disguises deeper, darker passions than she can ever satisfy. But she has desires as well, desires that her growing intimacy with both men slowly help her explore and develop. Desires that make her willing to put aside the demands and mores of society to experience. But the world outside isn't done with them, and it is secrets in their own pasts that finally drive them apart. There's no denying the feelings the three of them share, but is there any way for them to overcome the obstacles to be together again?

We'll keep our fingers crossed for her this March when the ceremony is held. :)

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Caffey said...

Oh I love historicals, especially the sizzling ones! I do have this one to read! Congrats to them!