Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Website Updated & Oodles of Extras

I have gone and updated the website with tons of new stuff.

First of all, it's got the information up for our newest release, Seduction in Black and White, Book IV of The Master Chronicles. This one's packed with drama and angst for our threesome, and it took writing book 5 and a prequel for us to recover. We'll be starting the writing on book 6 after the New Year, and it looks like there are going to be 9 books total, plus the prequel.

With the new releases, we also have loads of extras!!! There are wallpapers for Seduction and Chasing Silver, as well as a brand new section for us. We're now starting to do iMixes of our books. You'll find the soundtrack listings on our website, with a link to its slot at iTunes if you're curious about checking out the songs. Some of them are a real mixture, since Pepper and I have very different tastes in music most of the time, lol.

Another new freebie is the second part of our free story, Jesse's Punishment.

And, to top it all off, I've gone and added two new novellas to our Coming Soon section - Kiss Me, a gay romance that asks if a porn star can have a normal relationship, comes out in February, and My Masked Mistress, a BDSM romance about a worker finding a new relationship with her boss, comes out in April. There's tons more coming, but we'll keep you updated on those as we add them to the site.

So, something for everybody to go take a look at! Have fun!


Kim said...

Loved Seduction in Black and White! I am totally hooked on Gideon, Jeese and Emma's stories, so I'm thrilled to know there will be 9(!) books.

I have to admit, when Emma was introduced in the last book I wondered if she'd be a third wheel. But she adds a really wonderful dynamic to the threesome. I feel like she actually brings Gideon and Jesse closer and it was great to see her connection with Gideon strengthened in Seduction. I hope one of the future books has a storyline that focuses on her a little more. Sometimes it seems like she's a bit of a bystander in Gideon and Jesse's dramas, LOL. But at the same time, it's realistic, b/c she came into their relationship late.

Anyway, keep on the great work and I look forward to reading the rest of the books in the series!

Jamie said...

Actually, book 6 - the one we're writing after the New Year - has a much stronger focus on Emma. We love her to death, so we're thrilled people are responding to her. We knew we ran a risk introducing her to Gideon and Jesse, but we've always felt she offers Jesse a human connection that it's impossible to find with Gideon, and she offers Gideon support because she - far more than Jesse - understands and has experienced a lot of the same feelings.

The only bad thing about knowing that there are 9 books in the series (for us) is having to walk away from these characters at some point, lol.