Friday, November 30, 2007

Liaisons in Jubilee--5 Angels from FAR

Reviewer: Chris P
Rating: 5/5 Angels

Jamie Craig knows how to create a great story. Caleb is one hot man, with eyes like dark chocolate, dark brown hair a little too long, and a moustache and goatee that frame a sexy mouth. How could Katie resist him? Katie is smart and passionate about her job, and Caleb. The sex scenes between them are hotter than the sand on the beach. How could anyone give up something that spectacular? Liaisons in Jubilee was true to today's business world and people who get caught up in trying to follow the rules. The plot moved along nicely, and I wanted to help Katie and Caleb find a way to stay together. With curl-your-toes sex and two hot bodies coming together in a blaze of passion, Liaisons in Jubilee would make anyone ready to book a room at the nearest resort.

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