Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Inspirations - Gideon Keel

Pepper and I have a guilty pleasure. Every Wednesday, she records America's Next Top Model, then an hour later, I turn it on, and we sit and watch it together. We chat back and forth, laugh at all the bitchiness, then pick who's getting sent home that week. It's silly, but it's fun, and it's just another reminder that we pretty much share a brain.

But watching the show has also done something else for us. Very early on, we both expressed adoration for Nigel Barker, one of the judges. He's a gorgeous man. Though he's a photographer now, he started out as a model, and when we saw the pictures from the 80's when he was modeling, our jaws dropped.

Because believe it or not, this is how we envision one of our most popular characters, the vampire Gideon from The Master Chronicles.

Look at that chest! Look at the brooding! The intensity in the eyes! He's fierce, I tell you, fierce!

So maybe he wouldn't be out in the sunshine, but honestly, with the dark piercing eyes, and the long nose, and the heavy brow, we couldn't have built a better Gideon if we tried.

If that doesn't say come hither, I'm not sure what does.


Cathy said...

I watched ANTM, but haven't ever seen pictures of Nigel when he modeled. He looks really hot and I can totally seem him as a brooding Gideon.

Jamie said...

We were shocked at how hot Nigel was with hair! I mean, the man is gorgeous anyway, but still...

Caffey said...

oh yum :) I watched the show a few times and do remember him on the show! I didn't know a new season was on. You found some fab pics and inspiration!