Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Six unique things about Vivien

Last week, the hugely talented April Martinez tagged us to reveal six random, unique things about us. Pepper took her turn on Sunday, so today, it's mine.

1. I can rattle off all 50 states in alphabetical order in less than 30 seconds. As politically incorrect as they are now, I grew up watching the beauty pageants on tv every year - Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss America. My sisters and I used to play pageant with our paper dolls - and yes, we had more than 50 at one point in order to have a real pageant - and I can assure you that repeated state roll calls will ingrain them on your memory.

2. I wrote my first romance novel at the age of 12. I was obsessed with Billy the Kid (ha! that bad boy thing started young!), and wrote a 300-page western about a young woman who put Annie Oakley to shame.

3. I saw John Malkovich on Broadway in "Burn This." One of the most electric and amazing performances I have ever seen.

4. I think the sound of saxophones is the sexiest thing on the planet. Even just one long prolonged note makes me weak in the knees.

5. I was an extra on Nickelodeon's The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo. Twice.

6. I function best throughout the day if I have Diet Mountain Dew for breakfast. When I travel, I always take some with me.

There are rules to this, but honestly, I don't know 6 bloggers well enough to bug them about this, lol. So if you want to do the 6 unique things about you, go for it!


Cathy said...

Six Unique Things About Me

1. I have a twin sister and am the mom of twin boys

2. I took violin lessons for 4 years and pretty much suck.

3. I can juggle, only three things at a time, but still...

4. I took piano lessons for 12 years and pretty much suck at that too, see a pattern here, lol

5. I never once got thru a music recital without messing up.

6. Took sky diving lessons for my 21st birthday.

Jamie said...

I lived in fear of giving birth to twins. Though I'm not one, they run both in my family and in my husband's. I was terrified of being overwhelmed with two babies at the same time, lol.

I almost learned how to skydive once. There was a guy in college who wanted to teach me, but I chickened out in spite of the fact that he really seemed to like me. Kudos to you for doing it!

Vivien :)

Caffey said...

Oh that was fun to read!

Six Unique Things About Me
1. I fell asleep at my first date going to a movie. He married me anyways. :)

2. I'm deaf and my 3 other sisters are hard of hearing and 2 brothers have perfect hearing.

3. I never learned to ride a bike.

4. I hate/refuse wearing dresses! I had to all the way til age 18.

5. I crocheted an afghan a weekend when I was a teen and gave them to elderly.

6. I can't think of another one right now, this was hard, LOL

Carolina Valdez said...

1. Dr. Pepper is the only carbonated beverage I'll drink. Love it! Mother tells me she put it in a baby bottle to keep me quiet when I was little and wouldn't keep still for the barber.

2. I'm claustrophobic.

3. I loved my third grade teacher because she let us write stories.

4. I started my first novel before I was thirty, then it went into my drawer for over twenty years. Finished it. Sold it.

5. I've run six marathons and over a hundred foot races of varying distances. Now I'm lucky to walk three miles.

6. I'm going to be a grandmother for the first time! Our youngest son's wife is pregnant with fraternal twins. A boy and a girl.

7. I've toured Great Britain. Used some of what I learned and saw in a medieval novel published by Amber Quill Press.