Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Inspirations--Trinity Broken

Vivien and I have a bit of a ritual before we begin each new project. Generally, we look for actors, models, or just pretty pictures to inspire our new characters. We don't stick with the body types and descriptions exactly, but the photos are, well, inspirational. As we post these on a weekly basis, you, gentle reader, will probably figure out that I have a specific type. Vivien is slightly less predictable.

This is our inspiration for Trinity Broken.

I looked to Alessandro Nivola for inspiration when creating our scientist and regular human Joshua Ames.

I found a picture of Martin Henderson and liked it for Cameron Koster. I don't actually know who Martin Henderson is, but I liked his face.

And finally, the lovely and beautiful Sara could only be inspired by somebody as lovely as Rosario Dawson.


Vivien Dean said...

Seeing these makes me want to revisit them *now*. I fear that may be a side effect of our weekly Inspirations when I see pictures I haven't seen in months, lol.

Angelia Sparrow said...

Oh good, I'm not the only one who does this.

I do feel silly, sometimes, saying "well, imagine identical twin Oded Fehrs making love to Angelica Houston ca. 1983."

Vivien Dean said...

You know where else it helps, though? When you have to describe the characters to the cover artist. If you can show them a picture of who inspired you, you have better odds of getting people on your cover who actually look like the characters in your book, lol.

Bree said...

Ha! Donna and I absolutely do the exact same thing. I have a folder of inspiration on my desktop that is constantly growing, and we pick a different person to represent our characters each time.

Though lately I have been making my own, since I discovered: With a little bit of photoshop and a little bit of patience, you can design a character that looks exactly how you want. It's pretty cool!