Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Moments of weakness

I'm jet-lagged. I've been in the UK since the middle of December, celebrating the holidays with my in-laws. Monday was spent flying back home to California, and coming face to face with everything that got put on hold in my absence. This translates to moments of weakness.

One of the projects Pepper and I decided to tackle with the 7-hour time difference between us was a gay cowboy novella for Amber Quill. When I boarded the plane Monday morning, we had 32k and only one chapter left to write. When I got home Monday night - after being up for 23 hours - I made the comment to her that sometimes I hated being restricted to novellas for AQ paxes because we often create characters I feel deserve longer stories. Pepper agreed with me.

Less than five minutes later, after minimal discussion, we agreed to make this into the novel it deserves to be and write something else for AQ at a later date. After all, the story itself isn't due until the end of May. We have plenty of time. We can give Teo and Ryan the space for their relationship to really mature. And yes, write more hot sex for them, lol.

I'm sure Pepper has realized already this is the second easiest way to get me to do whatever she wants. The first, of course, is to guilt me into it. Thankfully, my kids haven't figured that out yet. But in this case at least, I think it's the better choice for the story. And the fact that Teo is built like a brickhouse and likes to pin Ryan to the barn wall when he's really horny has absolutely nothing to do with it. ;)


Cathy said...

Just that little tease sounds totally hot, can't wait to read more about Teo and Ryan.

Pepper Espinoza said...

I can't wait to post more about it! It's really hot. Those two are wild about each other :)