Monday, January 7, 2008

New Release: Miami's Perfect Weekend

Calendar Boys January: Miami's Perfect Weekend is a big release for us. It is our first novella in our 12-book series with Amber Allure. As you might be able to tell from the name of the series, Calendar Boys, each novella will feature a story revolving around an important event in the month.

Miami's Perfect Weekend is about the Super Bowl--though we had to be a little coy about it in the book! (Yes, I know that sometimes the Super Bowl is in February). The NFL does protect its trademark pretty ferociously. The title is a tribute to Miami's Perfect Season. I am darkly amused that our book was released the very week the New England Patriots went 16-0.

So...what's Miami's Perfect Weekend about? Here's our blurb:

The weekend of the championship game, all football star Tre Griffin wants is to escape Miami and the reminder that he’s not playing. When his flight out of town is delayed, he meets Michael Pappas in the hotel bar. Their attraction is immediate, and when he discovers Michael has no idea who he is, Tre decides to act on it.

One night of no-strings-attached passion stretches into a whole weekend, but with Tre all too visible in the public spotlight, he can’t risk hoping for anything more. A single perfect weekend is all they have. Until Michael discovers the truth. And they both begin to think it could be something more.

Here's an (exclusive!) excerpt for your reading pleasure:

When Tre passed the cup to him, their fingers brushed. After what they’d just done together, the contact should have been nothing more than incidental. But it sent a flare up his arm. And once he took his drink, Tre didn’t step back out of his personal space.

“I don’t drink very often.” Michael sipped at the alcohol, glad for the burn as it went down his throat. He couldn’t stop staring at Tre. The man really was too pretty for words. “It goes straight to my head.”

“I don’t think that’s going to be a problem tonight.” He reached up, his hand hovering near Michael’s face. Michael expected his touch, but he did not expect Tre to gently grip the earpiece of his glasses and slowly pull them from his face.
All the blood that had been roaring in his ears went rushing south.

“This is where I’m very glad I’m nearsighted,” Michael breathed.

Tre set the glasses aside, then dipped his head. Michael tensed, not sure what to expect. He took a deep breath, like he was inhaling the scent of Michael’s skin, then just brushed his lips across Michael’s. “It tastes better on you.” He dipped his finger in his drink and smeared the cool liquid across Michael’s mouth before claiming his lips again.

The kiss in the bathroom had been almost brutal. A reminder of the sharp edge left from fucking. This was sensual, slow and exploratory, as Tre sought every drop of alcohol, searched every corner of his mouth. Michael swayed closer, lifting a hand to cup the smooth slope of Tre’s neck. Though he was a tall man, Tre was taller, and those few inches difference was enough to make Michael ache.

When they parted, it took every ounce of his control not to drag Tre back. “I guess it was a little silly of me to be nervous,” he tried to joke.

“I was nervous, too. Thought maybe you’d change your mind. I don’t really do this sort of thing…well, I was going to say often, but I haven’t at all in years.”

It was on the tip of Michael’s tongue to ask why, but the answer almost immediately presented itself. He was probably newly single. There was no way someone who looked like Tre didn’t have a string of steady boyfriends, and Michael had simply gotten lucky and run into him in between conquests.

“I wouldn’t have changed my mind.” His gaze flickered to that full mouth. “I meant every word I said downstairs.”

Tre divested himself of his cup, then took the half-empty one from Michael’s hands as it joined his glasses on the table. With his hands free, Tre gathered up the material of Michael’s T-shirt and tugged it over his head. His hands were large, his skin rough as he ran his fingers over Michael’s shoulders and down his chest. The muscles in his stomach clenched as Tre’s hand moved lower, to the waistband of his jeans.

“Can I see you, too?” Michael asked hoarsely.

Tre responded by stepping back and yanking his T-shirt off. One simple motion later,
his pants were off, and Michael was given his first view of Tre’s body. He stood in front of Michael without a single trace of false modesty or shyness, as though he was more than comfortable with people looking at his naked body. Michael supposed if he had a body like that, he wouldn’t mind putting it on display either. Every inch of his physique was perfect.

Any thoughts of anxiety vanished. All Michael wanted was to touch that beautiful chest, run his tongue around the dark, flat nipples, sink to his knees and swallow that thick cock. Stepping forward, his hands molded over the powerful biceps as he dragged his tongue along Tre’s collarbone, inhaling the musky scent of the man’s skin.

And what are the reviewers saying? Well, so far, we just have one review from Elisa Rolle

I like this story. It's simple and tender. Tre is a very good next door guy, gentle and clever, not the usual stereotyped athlete character. Michael instead is the classical professor type, cute but shy, who sells himself short. But he is also a very sensual man, very open to sexuality and when naked in bed, not very shy: a really discovery I should say.

All in all this is a very enjoyable book, maybe a little short, less than 60 pages, but really well written.

The next novella in the series is February: Mine. Valentine's Day--vampire style!

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Robin said...

I can't wait to read this, it sounds tender and sweet. I love that in a story. I hope this means there will be a story, February, March and so on. I can't wait for February, I love vampires!!! Keep them coming please! Robin