Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Best Friends

This is a very weird week for me. Pepper is sick and in bed, under both my orders and her family's. She's probably been online for a total of half an hour in the past three days. I finished my editing (with only a galley due by 3/14 so I'm taking a little break) on Sunday, so yesterday, I picked up my gay vampire story for Amber Quill (which is frightening me a little because I'm already at 12k and these two haven't even kissed, and I think I added an extra layer of complexity to the plot last night, oops). So it's been productive.

But when Pepper isn't around, something feels off. It doesn't matter how productive I'm being, or how busy I am. If I go hours without saying something to her, I get antsy. I even borrowed my husband's blackberry on the night we went out to a concert because I was bored by the opening act (and he wasn't), and I hadn't spoken to Pepper in...drumroll...9 hours!

I know how she feels now. I traveled a lot last year when I wasn't accessible. A car trip across the country, flights to England from California...she always says she's bored when I'm not around. We don't need to be writing. I just need to be able to talk to her. She's my best friend. The one person in this world where there is literally no topic that's taboo. (Of course, she's learned that I don't give a flying fig about football, or a couple other topics, so she doesn't even bother with those anymore, lol.)

I'm missing her today because she's still under the weather. I wish more than anything that I could magic away her flu. Even if being sick is bad enough, this is a really crappy time for it to happen.

Do you have a friend or someone who's like your right arm? How do you deal with missing them?


M said...

My best friend and I used to be like that. But we're both in our second year of college (at different schools) and we don't seem to talk as often anymore. It was strange at first because we used to talk every day, then suddenly, we had projects and study groups and midterms and we didn't call each other every night anymore.

So... no football stories from you? All right then... Lol. I'm guessing Miami's Perfect Weekend was mostly Pepper's idea?

Hope Pepper gets better!


Vivien Dean said...

Hee, yeah, Miami was all for Pepper. She's a massive fan. In case it wasn't obvious, she wrote Tre and I had Michael.

She was on for a little bit this morning and seems to have gotten over the hump. She has to get better by next week; she's supposed to come visit me!