Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Inspirations - A Hidden Beauty

Yesterday saw the release of our Samhain title, A Hidden Beauty, so in honor of that, we're posting pictures of two men who inspired the physical characterizations of our heroes.

First up is Jefferson. Now, Jefferson is the older of our two poets, the more mature, the more jaded. Pepper had a very definite idea about who she wanted - Damian Lewis. He's a British actor who starred in Band of Brothers and Life.

Yes, that's red hair. We love it. He's not sexy in a conventional sense, but there's a magnetism about him that we adore. On Valentine's Day, Pepper posted a video of him reciting To His Coy Mistress. I have no idea how to embed the video, so follow the link and watch. It's amazing.

For Micah, we knew we wanted someone earthier, though Micah is from an upper class family. He's also younger than Jefferson by a decade, so that someone had to look a little more carefree, a little sweeter. We found the inspiration in someone we never expected, gay porn star Rafael Alencar. Believe it or not, this is the first picture I ever saw of the man, but it was finding this one that made us seek out his work.
It was the tousled hair, the bright clear eyes, that really captivated us. It wasn't until later that we saw just how good he looked without his clothes on, lol.

Thinking of these two just makes me smile, but then I have to admit, this one probably ranks as one of my all-time favorites of what we've written. It's one of the most romantic stories we've ever done. Hopefully one day, we'll be able to go back to them.


M said...

Lewis recites very well, but Alencar is so hot! I look forward to reading A Hidden Beauty :)

Vivien Dean said...

Rafael is so so SO gorgeous. Sometimes I think I could stare at him all day.