Monday, April 21, 2008

News roundup

New reviews! Woo hoo!

Lisabea and Sula posted a very fun and interesting dueling and (dual!) review for Master of Obsidian. Go check it out. Also, we're answering questions in the comments, so go participate in the discussion.

Mystical Nymph at Literary Nymphs reviewed our March Calendar Boys story, Kiss Me, and gave it 4 nymphs:

The writing team that makes up Jamie Craig has crafted a tender and well plotted romance with March: Kiss Me that’s perfect for an afternoon read. It’s well written with two main characters that are not only interesting and well-rounded but likable. Mal and Alejandro are perfect together, even if they are both more than a little apprehensive about starting a relationship. Mal is afraid that he wouldn’t measure up physically and Alejandro just wants to be a normal guy…one who has a boyfriend willing to stay home and cuddle with him. While he might make his living in front of a camera that doesn’t mean he likes being on display when not working. I also loved that Alejandro was jealous and possessive of the plainer looking Mal, making certain that others knew he was taken. If these two guys can get over a few minor misunderstandings, they have a good chance at long term happiness, and I wish them well.

Book Fetish gave Chasing Silver 4 stars and said:
Very good, and very frequent, sex scenes. If this novel wasn’t so predominantly set in the sci-fi genre, I would have thought it a good candidate for the paranormal romance genre. It's a quick read with a fast moving story-line. Issac’s character is very well written, the perfectly protective best friend and ex-partner, current cop … just the right mix of support and suspicion.

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