Monday, May 5, 2008

Massive Review Post

Speak It's Name reviews A Hidden Beauty.

The slow and careful development of the relationship also allowed time for the forces of society to be amply ranged against the two men. I enjoyed – in a sort of masochistic way – the feeling that, slowly but surely, the jaws of intolerance were closing on the burgeoning love story. By the end I was on tenterhooks as to which force would come to the point of action first. The slow but sure build up of tension almost certainly contributed to the fact that the sex scenes in the book are some of the best I’ve read. By this time we know exactly how much they mean to both men, and some of that awe and wonder comes across, making these scenes truly intimate rather than merely voyeuristic.

Literary Nymphs gives A Hidden Beauty 4.5 stars!

A Hidden Beauty is beautifully written and the story is finely crafted. The language is “olde worlde” and is appropriate for the period in which the story appears to take place. I thought the pace of the love affair between the two characters was quite fitting given the era, but it seemed to me that Micah’s character was very juvenile and ordinary and maybe this was intentional on the part of the author. However, Jamie Craig does a good job on Jefferson in his role of seducer and experienced older lover.

Uniquely Pleasurable reviews A Hidden Beauty

There are some moments worthy of Wharton here, as when Jefferson is riveted by Micah removing his jacket in a warm room, then dismayed when he covers himself up again for a walk outside. Micah’s hero-worship of Jefferson is well-played, as is Jefferson’s reluctant yearning for the younger man. Their histories and personalities are well-developed, which makes their interest in each other convincing (and justifies the reader’s interest in them getting together and prevailing over convention and that pesky ghost. If their dialogue is a bit overwritten at times well, an eager student and a reclusive poet might well dress their language up a bit as a way to mask desire they fear may be unrequited (in Micah’s case) or disastrous (in Jefferson’s). An example: “The trick is to decide what is truly important. If I discover a pursuit worthy of my time, I’ll do what I must in order to accommodate it.” “I know you will.” Jefferson never took his gaze from Micah as he moved. “You probably aren’t accustomed to abandoning a worthy pursuit.” His inspection brought him closer and closer to where Jefferson sat. “That’s probably safe to surmise.” The passionate restraint of the two main characters is on better display in the charming epistolary romance they begin upon Micah’s return to Boston. When the two finally come together sexually, Craig gives us a consummation both satisfying and absorbing, with Micah’s inexperienced zeal a foil for Jefferson’s combined relief and fear.

FAR makes At the Advent of Dusk a Recommended Read and gives it five angels!

Jamie Craig delivers a fantastic tale in At the Advent of Dusk. The story was well balanced with the perfect blend of suspense, action and toe curling sex. Mary is strong in character and of mind. She is willing to do what is necessary to keep those she loves safe and out of harm’s way. Gideon has a will of steel, but found it bending to what would make Mary happy. I know some of his actions surprised not only Mary, but himself. Watching the two come to terms with a budding relationship was something to behold. Each knew that no matter how hard they tried to fight their attraction destiny would not be denied. This was my introduction to Jamie Craig and I’m elated with what I’ve discovered. I am looking forward to reading the sequel series to this incredible book.

Two Lips makes Out of the Storm a Recommended Read and gives it 5 lips!
Jamie Craig does it again, bringing drama, angst, and hot male sex, into one steamy, blow-your-socks-off novel. This story rocks! Actually, Jamie Craig is the collaborative efforts of two awesome writers: Pepper Espinoza and Vivian Dean. Together they write amazing stories. Nick is an outdoorsman that loves to be active. And Jay’s concern for Nick goes way beyond the call of duty. There are a lot of bedroom antics that you won’t want to miss! Out Of The Storm is a read that is sure to keep you very warm at night. This is part of the Calendar Boys series, but it can be read alone. I suggest getting them all for full enjoyment.

Literary Nymphs gives Out of the Storm 4.5 stars!

The writing team that makes up Jamie Craig has done it again with their light hearted, fun and sexy April offering in their ongoing Calendar Boys series, Out of the Storm. They have come up with another interesting meeting premise, witty dialogue that often had me chuckling, great characters and enough hot physical attraction to set the cabin on fire. Best of all it gave the men and their new relationship hope for the future. This well written and plotted gay romance is another of those books designated as a keeper to be re-read again in the future. Nothing about this series disappoints, so give it a try and enjoy!

JERR gives My Masked Mistress 5 stars and an O rating!

My Masked Mistress is a wonderful story of love and redemption. I didn’t like Noelle much at first. While I felt she was justified about being passed over for promotion, I couldn’t agree with how she went about venting her anger. Noelle knowingly prayed upon Dante’s sexual proclivities, becoming a dominatrix in order to make him fall madly in love with her. She was the perfect Domme for him because she used her erotic research, which is shown through carefully orchestrated scenes, giving them both maximum sexual fulfillment. Noelle teases and tantalizes Dante so well that I couldn’t help but envy him. I needed to take several toy breaks during their play because their interaction was so steamy! After some time with Dante, Noelle finds her elaborate scheme has backfired. What a man Dante was- waiting for many years, hiding his submissive tendencies, until the right Domme came along. Noelle made him happy until the truth comes out. In my estimation, it takes an extraordinary person to forgive such an egregious fault. My Masked Mistress hooked me from its opening word to its most satisfying conclusion. I enjoyed Noelle and Dante’s story and look forward to reading more from the wicked pen of Ms. Craig.


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