Monday, May 5, 2008

Things are going to change around here....

We haven't updated the blog in two weeks. That's very bad. The first week, I had an excuse because I was finishing up school. This last week, though, I was just lazy. Vivien has been staying with me since Wednesday, and after much discussion, we realized we were getting a bit bored with this blog, and blogging in general. So I thought we could do what we always do when we get bored--try something new.

Mondays will remain new releases/news round-up days. Wednesdays will remain Inspirational day--or Really Hot Boys day, as I call it. But on Tuesdays we'll post about our current WIPs, editing, and projects we're about to begin. Thursdays will be Character Days. Friday will be Film Friday. Saturday will be miscellaneous. Sunday will be Interesting Links/Internet Round-Up Day.

I just hope that we've still got some readers checking in here after we maintained radio silence for two weeks.

Tomorrow I'll be posting about a novel called 10,000 Kisses an untitled western/menage/may-december story, and the novella we just finished Calendar Boys--July: Vintage.


Cathy said...

Hey, perfect timing. I have been in project mode myself, getting ready for my son's college graduation this month, but will be sure to check in on you'all tomorrow.

M said...

Welcome back. I still read your blog :) I have you guys on google feed!