Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco De Mayo! New Release--Corazón

The fifth of May is the single date that could change the course of one man’s life.

Mason Ritter does not want to go to Puebla, Mexico, with his long-time boyfriend, Miguel. He claims he does not want to deal with the hassle of traveling from San Antonio to Puebla. He doesn’t like the way Miguel pretends Mason is just his good friend when they’re around Miguel’s father. He doesn’t want to take the time off work...

But in reality, Mason has only one reason to avoid the Cinco de Mayo fiesta in Puebla—Anton Rocha.

Anton Rocha is engaged to Miguel’s sister, Pedra. Anton Rocha is off-limits. Anton Rocha is also the most desirable, intoxicating man Mason has ever met. And before the end of the fiesta, Mason is in serious danger of losing his heart...

I know the issue of cheating and adulterous relationships is a sore point for some people. Our other books that have featured one or two cheating people have gotten mixed reviews, to say the least. So if you're wary of reading Corazón see what Elisa Rolle had to say.

Can I rename this book "How to pick up two unlikeable characters and make you like them"? Yes, cause in Corazon, we have not one but two cheating man, a thing I find almost unforgivable in a man, and one of the two is also unrepentant, cause he justifies the cheating since he doesn't love his current partner...

In the end I supported Mason and Anton. I still felt a little sad for Miguel (not so more for Petra), but between Mason and Miguel there wasn't the real love that there is with Anton.

And now, a never-before-seen-excerpt

“The other night. At the pool. I saw what you said.” His Adam’s apple bobbed. “Having you here lets me pretend.”

The part of Mason that hadn’t given itself over to this newfound masochism encouraged him to just let the subject drop. But he couldn’t.

“I thought we agreed to pretend the wish wasn’t there at all.”

“We did. Out there.” Anton tested his work before setting down the screwdriver and turning around to lean against the edge of the workbench. “It’s easier to pretend the other way when we’re in here. Every time I come in here, I think about kissing you.”

“I was pretending at the pool. That it was just the two of us.”

“I know.” Unsmiling, Anton lifted a careful hand to trace the line of Mason’s damp collar on his T-shirt, his rough fingertip just barely touching his bare skin. “So was I.”

“Tell me you’re tired of pretending, too.” Mason swayed forward slightly, trying to encourage more contact. “Or let’s pretend a different game right now.”

“A different game?” His warm breath came with warmer touches. “Like what?”

“We’ll start small. Maybe we can pretend it’s okay to finally kiss you like I’ve been dying to do since the moment I arrived in Puebla.”

“That wouldn’t be right.” Maybe not, but Anton slid his fingers around Mason’s neck anyway, the tender caresses enough to make his chest tighten. “We have others.”

“I know.” Emboldened by Anton’s light touch, he rested his hand on Anton’s hip. He could taste Anton already, the memory of their first kiss in the shed a physical presence between them. “Does…anybody usually bother you in here?”

“Only you. But then you bother my thoughts everywhere I am.”

If there had been a serious risk of somebody barging in on them, Mason might have released Anton and stepped back. But there wasn’t a serious risk, and his body ached. He knew without a doubt that the only thing to relieve this ache would be to finally give in and kiss Anton.

“You’ve consumed mine,” Mason murmured, tilting his head. “Completely.”

And then their lips were finally touching. Anton felt just like he had remembered. The first brush of contact was like a fist to his chest. He lost his breath, but instead of pulling away to gasp for more, he tried to steal Anton’s.

He had an inch on Anton in height, but the other man’s broader shoulders, his wider hands made Mason feel like he was being surrounded. The feeling was exacerbated when Anton slid his arm around the small of his back, circling him into an embrace that was as overwhelming as it was gentle. Anton never tried to hurry the caress. His lips remained soft and exploratory, barely parted as they learned each other’s shape again. But it was the way they quivered, the smallest of oscillations, that betrayed how deeply Anton’s desire ran.

“I can pretend there is only you when we’re in here,” Anton breathed in between kisses. “I don’t know why.”

“Just don’t stop pretending,” Mason pleaded, his tongue nudging Anton’s lips. “Not yet.”

He barely had a chance to finish speaking before the kiss deepened again. Mason didn’t have to pretend there was only Anton. As soon as they touched, everything outside the shed’s four walls fell away. He knew this would end, that these moments were fleeting and probably wouldn’t be captured again. He committed each second to memory—the taste of Anton’s mouth, the texture of his lips, the sound of his moans, and the way each moan rolled down Mason’s spine, making him shake.

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