Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WIP Report

With Mother's Day, Pepper gone for her Wilco concert, and various family obligations, this wasn't the most productive week for us. Hopefully, today will mark a swing back in the right direction for us.

Title: Untitled May/December
Publisher: Amber Heat's Seasons Pax
Length: 35,000, though it'll probably end up being closer to 40,000
Words completed: 22,000 words
Date started: 5/4/08
Date Due: May 30, 2008
Summary: A widow lives in northern Utah in 1876 with her young son. Two strangers come to her cabin, looking for medical aid and a place to hole up during a very bad blizzard. At first, she thinks the younger of the two, Kenneth, is just a boy, but it doesn't take long for her to think he is just the man for her. M/F, M/M, M/F/M content.

Title: 10,000 Kisses
Publisher: Targeting Kensington
Length: Full novel
Words Completed: 2,000
Date Started: 5/3/08
Date Due: No deadline
Summary: Macaulay Jensen and Wendy DeMartino come from two different worlds. He's alt-country and she's a hardcore rocker. Their chemistry and passion is undeniable, but their careers have always come first. If they want a shot together, they've got to learn how to break old habits. M/F, M/F/M content.

I also finished the edits on Fortune's Return last week, so that is off. And I did the edits for the July calendar boys story yesterday.

On the solo front, Pepper did her edits on her het song pax due out in July and submitted an m/m/m story to Samhain for its call for menages. Me? Well, I didn't get much writing done with the editing I was doing. But I did manage to write another 3k on a het vampire story I'd started eons ago. So it's better than nothing.

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