Monday, May 12, 2008

News roundup

Some bits and pieces to share this week...

First of all, Pepper and I have new contracts with Samhain! We wrote a trilogy of novellas - she wrote one on her own, I wrote one on my own, and then we wrote one together - that Samhain has accepted for publication. Together, they're called A Calling of Souls, and they are all gay erotic romances with one of the leads with a tie to the priesthood. Pepper's is called If All the Sand Were Pearl, a fantasy erotic romance about a young man who was going to enter into service to their Goddess, only to be married off to an older man. Our collaborative story is No Fear in Love, a contemporary erotic romance about an Anglican priest whose longtime best friend comes back to town with specific plans in mind. My story is called Walk Among Us, and is a paranormal erotic romance about an ex-priest who sees demons. So a wide variety of stuff! These will be released individually in August and September, and then collected into a paperback anthology for release in 2009.

We've also got some reviews this week...

Sabella from Joyfully Reviewed reviews Mosaic Moon

...a wonderful book that skillfully weaves in magic, vampires, love and intrigue while plunging us back into the hectic lives of Gideon and Jesse. In this new adventure Gideon and Jesse continue to explore the boundaries of their relationship while continuing to play their games in the bedroom with the added spice of including Emma in their lives. The dynamics of Gideon and Jesse are interesting and fun to read about as we get to know them better and realize that the bondage games that they play reflect some of their needs but do not necessarily encompass the entirety of what they feel and need from one another. Emma, on the other hand, as an empath is a great window into the feelings of both men and serves to balance their relationship while adding the softer touch that Jesse craves. When Gideon, Jesse and Emma come together they will set fire to your screen and have you sweating in no time.

Indy from Joyfully Reviewed reviews Trinity Broken

...readers who enjoy emotionally heavy storylines and are patient enough to understand the trials and tribulations that need to be conquered first will be pleased with Trinity Broken.

And finally, I had my very first story come out with Ellora's Cave on Friday! It's a short het erotic romance, as part of their Emerald line, called As It Should Be...
For fifty years, Nora Ensley has mourned the premature death of her husband. Now, on the day of what would have been their fifty-fifth wedding anniversary, she receives a surprise gift from her best friend. When Nora falls asleep wearing the emerald pendant, she isn't all that surprised to slip into the most realistic dreams of her life. The day Marshall died.

Nora takes charge and changes circumstances, forcing him to stay home so the fatal crash never happens. But dreams can't last forever. Eventually, she is going to wake up...

For more information and an excerpt, visit Ellora's Cave.

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