Tuesday, May 20, 2008

WIP Tuesdays

Title: Stealing Northe
Publisher: Amber Heat's Seasons Pax
Length: 31,000
Words completed: 31,000
Date started: 5/4/08
Date Completed: 5/15/08
Summary: Widow Amy Northe hasn’t known a man’s company in the six years since her husband died. That all changes the night her son comes in from chores with two strangers in tow. Kenneth and Leon are seeking shelter, and though Amy wants to turn them away, she can’t. There’s a blizzard moving through the Utah mountains, and Leon’s busted ankle has him teetering on the edge of consciousness. She does the only thing she can and takes them in, unaware of the secrets these young men hide.

Kenneth doesn’t want to take advantage of the older woman’s hospitality, even though she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. But Leon needs help and Amy is a nurse. If he has to satisfy his desire for her with covert trysts with Leon, then that’s what he’ll do, especially since he’s too much of a gentleman to ever think of making advances.

Until she makes one herself. Then everything changes. For all of them.
M/F, M/M, M/F/M content.

Title: Stealing West
Publisher: Amber Allure's Gay Cowboy Pax
Length: 35,000 words
Words Completed: 9,100
Date Started: 5/15/2008
Date Due: 5/31/2008
Summary: Leon Stroud accompanies his best friend and partner in crime, Kenneth, to his new life with his new family in California. But when he sees the famous bounty hunter, Thomas Grady, on the same train, he knows he needs to create a diversion. He flees the train, knowing Thomas will give chase, but nothing can prepare Leon for what it means to be caught. M/M Content

Title: 10,000 Kisses
Publisher: Targeting Kensington
Length: Full novel
Words Completed: 2,000
Date Started: 5/3/08
Date Due: No deadline
Summary: Macaulay Jensen and Wendy DeMartino come from two different worlds. He's alt-country and she's a hardcore rocker. Their chemistry and passion is undeniable, but their careers have always come first. If they want a shot together, they've got to learn how to break old habits. M/F, M/F/M content.

I finished the edits for our M/M novella Star Attraction and will finish the galleys for Commencement, the June installment of our Calendar Boys.

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Caffey said...

I so hope it happens for you with Kensington! I love reading menages! Especially m/f/m :) They all sound so good! I'm so glad I was able to stop by! So sorry I haven't been here. My health hasn't been good to me. But I'm thrilled I came by to find out about all these goodies!