Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Release: Keeping Time

Ana Seger first meets Ben Scalia over an Internet message board dedicated to her favorite band and is immediately charmed by his humor and good-nature. Even when she learns Ben is a few years younger than her, she continues talking to him though email, chat rooms, and even on the phone.

Driven by strong lust, Ana agrees to meet Ben at a concert, but she’s unprepared for the reality of their age difference, and more, the strength of her desire for him. She tries to end their affair before it can begin, but Ben is more than ready to fight for her, and a chance to show her how good they could be together...

Genres: Contemporary / Interracial / Multicultural / Exhibitionism / Public Places
Heat Level: 3
Length: Novel

In celebration, I'm going to be posting a never-before-seen excerpt. But this book is not all in chat-format. Most of it is in regular narrative format, but we thought the chat-format would be fun to play with.


bj_scalia: Because now all I can think about is getting you naked in a dark basement where we have to do everything by touch.

ana_moon: That isn't so much a derailing as it is an interesting turn

ana_moon: but I suppose it doesn't help your unfortunate hard-as-a-rock condition

bj_scalia: I have my own ways for taking care of my condition. They're not nearly as interesting as if you were here with me, but I manage.

ana_moon: If I were there with you right now, and we didn't have chains or a dark basement to work with, what would you do?

bj_scalia: Kiss you. Women with great smiles have great mouths for kissing.

ana_moon: I like kissing. There's not much better in this world than a long, thorough make-out session, imo

bj_scalia: I have a great couch. It's actually long enough for me to stretch out on it. We can kiss there. With you stretched out on top of me.

ana_moon: I like the way you think. Me stretched out on top of you, and you in nothing but your sweats.

bj_scalia: You can only be wearing your sweats, too.

bj_scalia: I'll bet you get hot all over. You sound like the kind of woman who throws everything she is into everything she does.

ana_moon: Okay. We'll both be dressed from the waist down.

bj_scalia: Is the thought of this turning you on right now as much as it is me?

ana_moon: Yes

ana_moon: I'm squirming in my chair here

bj_scalia: Are you wet? Check for me.

ana_moon: *checks* I am.

ana_moon: I think I have been since you mentioned you're hard

bj_scalia: Confession time. I've been stroking myself ever since you mentioned your evil plan.

ana_moon: You're good at typing with one hand

ana_moon: I'm not, or else I might follow your example

bj_scalia: Go on. Do it. I'm patient. I can wait for your messages.

bj_scalia: Touch yourself, Ana.

ana_moon: I might need a little help. What would you do after you kiss me?

bj_scalia: After? You mean during. I'd slip one hand inside the waistband of your sweats so that I could touch your ass, hold you against me that way. That's another weakness of mine.

ana_moon: One hand on my ass. Where's the other?

bj_scalia: Stroking up your side. Touching the side of your breast. I'm probably not going to have access to your nipples because you're going to be crushed as close as you can get to my chest.

ana_moon: I think I'll have one hand buried in your hair. I like to have a good grip. I'd be touching everywhere else I could reach with the other. Especially your shoulders

bj_scalia: Just don't hit ticklish spots. Because if you do, I'll be forced to take serious action.

ana_moon: Serious action? That sounds serious. What would you do? Because I'm very good at finding ticklish spots

bj_scalia: I'd flip you over so that you're on your stomach on the couch. Pin your hands over your head. Lick down your spine.

ana_moon: Oh. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to find your ticklish spots asap.

bj_scalia: Something tells me it'll be worth it.

ana_moon: Also, my pants are coming off. Um, now and in the little scenario

bj_scalia: Good. Because now I'm thinking about how long your legs must be, and how easy it would be to force you up on your knees and slide underneath you so that I can eat you out.

bj_scalia: I never said it had to be my cock that got ridden. ;)

ana_moon: I like the thought of riding your mouth. A lot. But I think I'd want to be sure I'm facing your feet when you do it, because I want to get a taste of your cock.

bj_scalia: Ah, 69. The perfect number.

bj_scalia: And I'm a math geek. So you have to take my word for it.

ana_moon: Oh I believe you. It's got a lot of things going for it

bj_scalia: I don't go for the gusto right away. I like to take my time. Lick all around your pussy without touching your clit until you're grinding against my face.

ana_moon: If that's the case, I better return the favor. Lick your balls, along the bottom of your cock, the tip. But I won't swallow you until you stop teasing me.

bj_scalia: It's not about teasing. It's about building expectation. Making you so wet that I taste you no matter where I turn my head. Making you so hot that your thighs burn against my face. So that after I've gone around and around, sliding my tongue inside maybe once or twice, it'll only take catching your clit between my teeth for a second for you to be begging for even more.

ana_moon: God, Ben. You are killing me over here. I want to tell you the way I'd use my tongue on you, and how I want to suck you into my mouth until you fill my throat. But mostly all I can think about is how much I wish you were here right this second.

bj_scalia: If I was there, I'd be between your legs in a heartbeat. Because my mouth is watering thinking about what you might taste like.

ana_moon: *licks fingers* I think you'd enjoy what I taste like

bj_scalia: *groans*

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